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  2. Hi am a newbie and am just looking for some help advice etc.... Well i am due my biopsy on wed morning and really DON'T wanna get it done as am so scared of anything going in my throat that shouldnt (am emetophobic fear of vomiting ) so this is so off putting......... Any way my doctor said my biopsy WILL come back as celiac as my bloods came back as 99.9% (so why do i need a biopsy ??) and been waiting over a month now for this biopsy and as i suffer with anxiety this has rocketed so much i HATE bein this way so i paid for a private vega allergy test to get done just while am waiting as i was so sick of bein in pain and feeling ill 24/7 well the test showed that am allergic to WHEAT / POTATOES / BANANAS :-) so that was a start !! anyway how this all started i was having issues with my anxiety and just lost my appetite which is common for me when struggling with my anxiety but this went n for a good few months of not eating then when i did start TRYING to eat i was living on one piece of bread ./ toast or few biscuits a day sometimes nothing at all i then started getting bad stomach burning apins and my doctor said i was suffering from acid ? after a while more things started to happen heres a run down of all my symptoms - Burning raw sickly feeling from my belly button and burning goes into throat & between shoulder blades.......... acid in throat (and can feeling & hear it moving round my stomach esp if i haven't eaten for a while).... tight squeezing pain just above my belly button (like some1 in there squeezing me to death)... tight squeezing feeling in throat.... constipation.... dry scabbie looking skin on knuckles that gets really sore.... bad LOUD trapped wind (even if i sit there and pass wind all day and it really stinks bad i still have it all in stomach).. bloated stomach.... feeling that food is either stuck in my throat or just below my ribs in the center.... nausea.... lower back pain... days where am just extremely tired.... loss of appetite.... trembles.... lost alot of weight.... days were i feel REALLY REALLY hungry even if i have just eaten.... crying everyday just feeling down & depressed.... headaches.... sore mouth (ulcers etc..) lump feeling in throat.... my list could most prob have more but just cant think unless it happens lol.... anyway my doctor put me straight onto a gluten free diet because of the pains i have been in and i REALLY don't want to go back to eaten gluten cos if i eat it by mistake i get this tingeling in my tongue & feeling like my throat is closing within minutes of eating ?? anyway so have been on gluten free diet about 2weeks (STILL IN BURNING PAIN ) This is my worse problem the burning in my belly and back along with nausea i have the biopsy on wed but am scared it will show up as ned as i have been eating gluten free (had some slip-ups) i just wanna no how long it is gonna take me to start feeling better again i just wanna be able to eat foods with out bein in pain or it kicking off my stomach or me just feeling so down & depressed (i don't care if its gluten-free food or gluten i just wanna eat ) and right now i cant due to this burning i started new tablets 3 days ago (Omeprazole 20mg) and also i have now been diagnosed with IBS ;-( am 28 and just don't have a life i wont go out as i have lost so much weight people swear am on drugs and i don't want to have to explain myself to everyone and am glad that yes my doctor did find something and if my biopsy comes back as neg as i have been eating gluten-free then i will just carry on eating gluten-free as i don't want to put myself back through all that pain again.......am sick of all the pains and sick of bein on meds everyday at my age.... just a few questions ?? whats the best easiest foods to eat while my stomach is still so raw i find porridge sometimes sooths it ?? as fresh salads etc aggrovate it.. also what symptoms did or do you have and how long did they go on gluten-free diet ?? ALSO were do i start with the foods etc i have an eating disorder and find it hard to eat as it is but i can eat ricecakes/tuna/mayo/ham/biscuits/snack a jacks/ porridge/ cereal (thats what i have been eating lately am just cnstanley worrying 24/7 about what if i eat something wrong and also my blood results keep playing on my head as the doctor said they came bad HIGH FOOD ALLERGYS then my vega allergy test said wheat / potatoes does this mean i may not be celiac ?? Thanks xx
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