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  1. Thanks your are absolutely right my interviewed specialist already noticed that. In 10 Minutes time I didn't want to go too deep in the medical aspect. Though it is wrong, but an infection may have a similar effect. Anyway I might correct this. Thanks
  2. Thanks for your responses I really appreciate your feedback. I could add some more information about the symptoms... The important thing now, is to make our issue popular! I am right now in Malaga Spain and it is really nice hear to eat gluten-free ( lots of stuff has label on it "sin gluten") but however in the restaurants nobody has a real appreciation for it.. Yes i am a celiac as well. Thanks again
  3. Hello Dear Members I just recently finished this documentary about Celiac Disease. And I want to share it with the world. There are very few documentary's out there and that's the reason I made one. LETS SPREAD OUR STORIES Let me know what you think about it Click on the link to watch it in high definition on youtube if you want Thanks
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