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  1. Hi, I have spent a lot of time over the past week reading as much about Celiac Disease as possible. A co-worker who has had it all her life suggested I talk to my doctor after having years of problems. In 2006 following the birth of my daughter I had random stomach problems and then suddenly one day had severe D and ended up in the doctors taking medication to get it under control. I was instantly put on a low residue diet which basically meant I ate nothing but chicken broth and some veggies. They tested me a few weeks after and it was negative. They had me eventualy introduce food items and dairy was one of the first and I instantly was ill. So they said that was it I was lactose Intol. The gastro problems of excess gas, bloating, D, Constipation, mucus and so forth continued and my doctor said it was IBS. After researching recently, I'm finding my canker sores, kidney stones, headaches, gas, bloating,D, stomach noise, lactose Intol, etc. and even my lack of weight gain could all be connected. I have an appointment with a gastro dr on March 14th. I'm terrified that I won't get any answers and this is controlling my life. Am I jumping to too many conclusions with connecting my symptoms to this?
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