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  1. Had same problem on and off for years doc told me it was eczema on my eyelids , it got so bad I hated to leave the house . I was embarrassed I looked like an addict.... I started to wash eyes with baby shampoo daily .. Just as you brush your teeth. It helps... As soon as I skip a day my eyes tell me . But now I look back to normal it took about 2 weeks of washing morning and night for improvement.
  2. Thanks ravenwood . I just hope it all works out. I want my dx so I can go back to gluten-free and feeling better . I need the hard copy dx for my job and my family . Day 22 . I don't think I'm eating enough poison . I'm barely eating anything at all. so distended and not very hungry . I don't want to mess up the challenge , but I've got to work . I have a very physical job that is hard when your nauseas and muscle fatigued and achey. I'm trying to stay positive but there are so many false negatives talked about on here it scares me.
  3. Currently 20 days into my challenge . I really hope you get your dx it will give me hope. I feel terrible. I'm worried that the neuropathy will cause permanent damage. I need it in black and white ... I have no doubts about having the disease .. I feel like the docs don't care about what your going through while doing the challenge. Or they just don't think you really have the disease . Please post when u get your results and how many days you did the challenge.
  4. I also (like mushroom) compression fractured my spine at 28 yrs old....that's when I got my first scan . Dx osteopenia... Was told to take calcium and d for a year and repeat the scan I even added weight bearing exercise I was jacked lol. However my 1 yr follow up was worse . I couldn't understand it . I mentioned to the doc that it seemed like I wasn't absorbing it... Cuz I was taking it. It just kinda was forgotten about until now with my suspecting celiac . My most recent scan which was the first in 4 years was worse still. Currently doing the gluten challenge . Can't wait to be able to absorb and try to save my bones I'm 37 now time is running out ? I have no doubt that I'm a celiac . I just need my dx for backup. ... So I can go back to being gluten-free and begin recovery again... I cannot wait. Good luck with your scan. It's very Easy you'll see.
  5. 3 months is a long time.... If my belly is so swollen like being pregnant and all kinds of symptoms and aching and pins and needles and horrible nausea and fatigue and so on and so on and on ......wouldn't it show up somewhere in a blood test.
  6. I am completely convinced especially after reading about symptoms and testimonials from all the posts on here and from celiac reference books that I am a celiac. I am trying to convince my doc who knows nothing about it . I was 5 months gluten-free before any tests and biopsy were done. Now consulting with a More knowledgable doc who suggested I do the G challenge. I was hoping there was another option. I am currently on day 16. I look pregnant from the bloat , nausea . And my legs and ankles killlllll me. Fatigued... I could go on , but u all know what I mean.... Gums are bleeding alot too.
  7. Been doing a gluten challenge for 16 days. I didn't have any health insurance when I suspected gluten causing my many discomforts . I went gluten-free for relief....in April of 2010 And it did just that. I remember about a week after going gluten-free getting ready for work... I felt well rested and bent over to tie my shoes without gasping for air . Aches diminished gas and bloating gone . Amazing at how much better I felt over those 10 months. Don't get me wrong I had my days .. Cross contamination.. Questionable ingredients ??? . But what a difference. I was diagnosed with osteopenia in 2000. After breaking my back. I couldn't believe I had a deficiency it didn't make sense to me. Drank gallons of milk and most food now is fortified with calcium and D.... . So I increased calcium and D and did weight bearing exercise For the next year . I repeated my dexascan a year later and my bone density got worse ... I stated to my doctor that it seemed to me that I wasn't absorbing it and it got brushed aside... Nothing happened for years after that. Until a lost pregnancy in oct09 I was very Nausous alllll the time tooting allllll the time I went through the holidays with an insatiable appetite severe bloat discomfort and distension . In January 2010 I realized all that holiday food was still in me . I had maybe gone to the bathroom maybe 3-4 times over the holidays needless to say I was miserable. I tried increasing fiber , drank lots of water and enemas... it only made me have hot flashes and stomach pains. With no ins I needed to self diagnose and fix myself. So yea I felt much better soooo much better after going strict gluten-free. However I don't have a black and white diagnosis. ..... So here I am day 16 of gluten challenge..... How much longer do u all think I should wait before going for bloodwork.??? Btw I switched doctors.
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