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  1. I have known I'm lactose intolerant for most of my adult life. Six months or so ago I decided, instead of minimizing dairy, to cut it out of my diet completely. Some of my symptoms were gone but most, to my surprise, remained. Like you I became curious about gluten sensitivity because it explained the remaining symptoms perfectly. A month ago I went totally gluten free. In just a few weeks the horrible bloat of my abomen is gone. I'm no longer eating antacids by the bottle. The mental fog I've been in for so long is lifting. I feel better in a few short weeks than I have in a long time. Remember, doctors don't own this. You don't need their permission to get better. You can cut gluten from your diet and see if you feel better. That's what I did. I have no formal diagnosis from a doctor because I'm getting better now instead of worse and that's all I care about. In the end the only one who can make the change is you.
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