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  1. I don't know about the diagnosis. He said since I don't get diarrhea or puke or haven't lost weight and I'm not having any skin reactions he wouldn't say 100 % that this is celiac disease. He is going to check for vitamin/nutrient deficiencies and do gene test to see if I am even capable of having celiac. I never had any problems with my stomach until I got severe anxiety about 13 months ago and I've dealt with anxiety all my life but never this severe. He says that anxiety would have most likely triggered the celiac in my childhood. I have gastritis/gerd as well which are more of the symptoms I am dealing with. I always just feel so hungry and it's off and on, never constant. Celiac is constant correct ? I would love someone to be able to point me to recepies and help me make sense of all the "Hidden" gluten on labels. I wouldn't even know where to start on this journey. I wouldn't mind giving it a shot but it all just seems so overwhelming. I don't like the thought of eating out of a tuper wear container from pre-prepared food. I love going to eat and eating out. It's the convenience of it all that I will miss. I would love to try it and see if I feel better and if I don't then I won't have any regrets.
  2. Thanks dixibell. I'm glad I came across this forum. So, if I were just to start with say turkey,chicken, steak, etc... and a cup of veggies and some cottage cheese. I would see a diff in a week or so correct ? Also, could I eat lunch meat from the deli ? I looked at so much stuff and Hidden gluten words that are used on labels and it's all very daunting to say the least. I would almost rather stay how I am than try and keep up with it all. I know that sounds bad but neither me or my wife can make heads or tales of this disease and it's nutritional requirements. Do you have any simple ways for deciphering the labels on all the food or suggestions on what I could buy from my local supermarket ? Also, what can I use on my meats as far as things to flavor them, like ketchup and seasoning ??? Are their any in-expensive books that are like "celiac for dummies" lol !!!
  3. I went to my Gastro yesterday for a follow up. I have been having severe burning in my stomach and throat. I always feel hungry but can never eat a lot at one sitting anymore. Seems better in the morning before I start to eat for the day. I have no diarrhea or stomach PAIN per-say. I have not lost any weight, I actually am gaining weight! I had a biopsy and my lower intestine showed "blunting of the villi" and my blood work was negative for H Pylori and Celiac disease accept for 1 blood test, he didn't say which, was right on the negative mark. Which he called a "weak positive". Anyway, he gave me Cerefate to try for my Reflux, gerd, gastritis that I have. I also take Prilosec 2x day. He said if that didn't help my burning and false hunger pains that I could then switch to the Gluten-Free diet and see if it helps me. I have no family history on either side of celiac disease. I am a 26yr old male in overall good health. It is hard to say if I have any malnutrition bc he didn't do any blood work for that. So, I called him today and suggested he run a genetic test to see if I even hold a gene for celiac and if he could run blood work for vitamin and nutrient deficiencies as well as anemia. I am constantly tired and grouchy but I've been this way for a yr now. I have sever panic attacks also but I am also under the care of a Endo for very very Low Testosterone, which could cause most of my issues. My question to all of you who do have this, what was it like on a daily basis for you before you got your diagnosis and also was it a 100% YES from the Gastro that this is what you have. From what I was also told celiac is severely under diagnosed bc it is tricky to diagnose and just bc someone test negative for it doesn't mean they don't have it. Also, I was told there can be weak and false positive and negative test results. He said the Gluten free diet could actually do harm if you don't really need to be on it and it's very bland and expensive. HELP !!!
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