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  1. For my entire life (I'm a 37 year old male) I can recall I have had the following symptoms: Constant exhaustion (ready for bed 2 hours after I get up) Constant, deep depression Unable to think clearly No energy Unable to lose weight no matter how much I exercise or change my eating habits Dark circles under my eyes Stuffy nose, I thought may have been stress triggered Horrible constipation, but NEEDING to rush to the bathroom 8-9 times a day to only produce air (sorry, gross, I know, this started when I started my CPAP treatment in 2006 and have been 100% compliant) Painful cramps and stomach bloating Always hungry. Always. Cannot eat enough. Ice pick migraines and constant low, buzzing head aches. Sick a lot Have trouble functioning at night outside, hard to drive, it's like I get confused or something. Nothing I have ever tried, whether it's CPAP, mood stabilizers, anti depressants, intense exercise, eating healthier, etc has worked. To the point I am disgusted with the medical community and off and on suicidal. Been diagnosed with: bipolar, Apnea, MS, areophagia and hypoglycemia. Does it sound like celiac? I've started cutting glutten and soy out and minimizing dairy. I keep accidentally dosing myself, but Ive been trying since Sunday and don't see a lot of change yet.
  2. Hello all, I want to make a run to the health food store this weekend and I was hoping you guys could name some items used in a lot of gluten free recipes so I can pick them all up? What flours, etc should I buy?
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