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  1. Glad to hear all is going so well! Your son looks adorable! Happy Trails!
  2. OK, sorry to be so ignorant. Hopefully, this is where I'm supposed to post a reply! Hello, I'm new to this site, but I just posted a few paragraphs about an interesting phenomenon regarding weight loss, but I don't know when or if it was posted anywhere. I was in my forties when I found I had helicobacter pylori (the bacteria that causes ulcers) which, when cured w/ antibiotics, took away upper GI discomfort and all of the insanely loud roaring burps I had had (in private). I was 52 when I discovered my lactose intolerance and took action (finally an end to the heartburn and indigestion). I was 56 when the Celiac diagnosis came in, but I started having abdominal pain again 5 years later and after a test that turned up nothing scary, I was on my own to figure out what was hurting my insides so badly. It turned out to be the onion family (includes garlic). This one is a real bummer to work with since onion and garlic are everywhere and they show up in many things in powder form. Like most people I really like both, but if you google this prob. it is a more common allergy than one would think. Here is the interesting thing: once I was perfect about avoiding all of these allergens, my GI tract settled down in a matter of a couple of weeks, and I was no longer experiencing the pain my brain translated as hunger. Hence, I am now able to eat much smaller portions (I have always eaten a healthy diet... just too much of it), not feel the need to snack, and am easily losing 2 pounds a week. This has never happened to me since I had my 15-20 pounds of off and on weight gain that I have struggled with for the last 30 years. If you have any lingering GI discomfort after being off gluten for 6 weeks, there may be more than just gluten that's bothering you. Personally, I have found that I'm not even thinking about the word "diet"... just making my usual healthy choices and eating less. It's also so much easier to cook at night when I'm not preoccupied with getting food in myself as quickly as possible, and this allows for more variety in our meals since I don't mind taking the time to fix it. I will say, after many decades of working on the extra pounds problem, that I think the body gets a little nervous about true food deprivation and when you add burning lots of extra calories at the gym, it goes into survival mode. If you feel that your hunger has calmed down and you're eating normally, then I would tread lightly at the gym. You might want to go at it at a very moderate pace, i.e., let your body tell you if it feels overworked. For me, everything has hinged on eliminating all of the "offensive" foods. Hope this helps. If anyone else is reading this and is interested... I substitute Nappa cabbage for onions (thinly sliced, they even look the same when they're cooked, and it's so mild that it gives an onion-like twang without a cabbage taste). If you like the taste of prepared horseradish (not the mayo/sauce kind), you will enjoy it as a garlic replacement. I used to do my shopping w/ a lump in my throat, feeling sorry for myself. After trying lots of products and doing lots of experimenting w/ cooking, I developed a pride about the whole thing. I'm special and I figured out ways to solve the problem. BUT, deep down inside....curse you: evil allergen genes! Good luck. It all gets better! Hope you don't have any other food allergies!
  3. I find it interesting that now that I have figured out all of my food allergies (gluten, lactose, nuts, and anything from the onion family which includes garlic), AND I made absolutely certain to omit these items from my diet, that I no longer have stomach distress (which my brain tends to interpret as hunger). Because if this, I now am able to eat normal portions, not snack, and am losing 2 pounds a week. Five years ago when I found out about my gluten allergy and went on a careful and very healthy whole foods type diet, I was only able to lose 3 pounds a month. Now that I have removed onions and garlic (and their powders added all over the place to processed foods and frozen dinners), I can finally be away from my food focus. My stomach always bothered me and I was always looking for something healthy but low-cal and satisfying. With onion and garlic removed, my life has changed! I wanted to post this for the mom whose children display symptoms of Celiac Disease but whose biopsies are negative. My reflux and primarily heartburn and indigestion problems came from my lactose intolerance. That was the first food allergy I discovered at 52. Could finally stop single-handedly supporting the Pepto-Bismal manufacturer! Gluten gave me severe pain at nighttime and the doctor figured that out for me at age 56. Last year, when I started having more abdominal pain, I had a small-bowel follow-through test and it showed nothing sinister. Several months later I started wondering about the onion/garlic connection, which is much more common than I would have realized. That turned out to be a turning point! Anyway, I am one happy camper now, health-wise, but pretty bummed cooking-wise. I have found I can substitute the very mild Nappa cabbage, finally cut, for onions to give a twang to the taste of things AND it cooks down to something that looks like an onion. I used it in my gluten free stuffing over Xmas and everyone thought it tasted great! Horseradish is a good sub for garlic.
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