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  1. jerseyangel you were so right! i recently read this thread and have been on Caltrate 600 with vitamin D for about 2 weeks now and it IS a miracle. thank you! i'm celiac/ no dairy. it has really helped. so glad i found this thread.
  2. Hi All, I am wondering about frozen vegetables. how will i know if they are dusted with something? will it say on the ingredients? i had some Market Pantry frozen veggies last night and have not been feeling right all day and my stomach was just rolling all night. any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. These are all great suggestions. i will try to get the name of the caterer. thank you so much for your ideas!
  4. Hi! i was diagnosed back in October due to DH and tummy troubles. I'm getting better each day and trying to make my way through all the gluten free and dairy free (yes i got double duty!) world. my question is, i'm invited to a wedding of a good friend in a few months and am wondering what to do about the food. i would feel uncomfortable telling my friend what i can and can't eat and what should be served at her wedding. lol. but would it be rude to ask the server how the food was prepared? would it be rude of me not to eat? what do i do? thanks for your help!
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