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  1. And I feel you on the overwhelming part - I still have not come near sorting that one out yet!!
  2. FWIW, I experienced something very similar when in school for baking/pastry arts (yes this was before I had any idea about gluten issues)... I would wake up progressively sluggish as the semester went on, and during the course of each individual day I could feel my stomach puffing up. It got pretty unbearable - by each afternoon I was crampy, gassy, and super uncomfortable. I'd guess the hand washing will make a big difference, as well as trying to keep your hands away from your face/mouth - I think what did me in was the flour everywhere... no escaping it.
  3. No - other than gluten and penicillin, no other issues known.
  4. I used the search function on here first, but just wanted to see if anyone has experienced this and/or if it may be gluten-related... Went to the chiro, and he gave me some waterproof tape to use (my patella moves around when I fall during roller derby, so this is an interim fix while a patella band is on order). I was careful to change the tape often (had it on for a few days), but after I took it off last time, I noticed the area beginning to ITCH like crazy. Rolled my jeans up a couple of hours later, and there are bright red blistery stripes where the tape was. I have gotten something that looks like dh on my feet and hands in the past (as an adult, most recently the last time I had gluten it cropped up), but with no itch factor. Also had strange scalp conditions as well with no definite diagnosis, almost like cradle cap but this was as a child/adolescent. I have self-diagnosed as gluten intolerant, not sure about full-blown celiac. Any thoughts? Thanks
  5. Thank you so much to everyone that replied - the opiate connection makes a lot of sense! I know this WILL get easier, eventually I expect it will become a new normal... but in the meantime... ! Thanks again
  6. Thanks guys, Such good responses... so I totally caved and ate some Samoas and Tagalongs... and am very sorry for that now. Literally. But I see it as a learning experience - I slept like crap and feel about like that, too, so all that is left is I guess hydrate and move on? This is very challenging... I find myself second guessing and bargaining, trying to talk myself out of something I know to be accurate. I thought I was done with the stages of grief but I guess not. It took me a month to make the change to gluten-free, the whole time kicking and screaming, trying to convince myself that I don't want to be different, I'm NOT different. But who isn't different? If anything, I am grateful for this situation because I think I will learn a lot about myself while navigating through it...
  7. Cookies, cake, just something sweet, goopy, and chewy. Just ran errands and was literally daydreaming about chocolate cake while driving... this is bizarre! I have tried swapping in gluten-free cereal & fresh fruit for the sweetness, even nuts for the chewiness... but not a good fit thus far. I have some oatmeal in the house, but as it is Quaker oats I am leery to touch it - when I've had it in the past, it has caused some serious stomach issues. How long does withdrawal typically last? Is this a result of my body flushing out the results of previously eaten gluten or something?
  8. Hi there, So I am newly gluten-free - do not have a firm Celiac diagnosis due to insurance issues, but long story short I am 100% certain that I am either a Celiac sufferer or gluten intolerant. But here's the deal - the first week gluten-free, felt great, like this veil of crud was lifted. Made it through a road trip for an athletic event (in which I was a participant, no less!) by bringing snacks and getting creative with meals. But now, the last two days I have been DYING to eat wheat. I am even overeating on veggies, meat and such to stay full so as to not eat gluten-filled foods. Probably doesn't help that I am the cookie mom for my daughter's troop and thus literally have boxes of Girl Scout cookies everywhere... but still! They have been in the house the whole time, why now? Things were fine at first (I am about a week and a half in - started Monday before last)... it is just the last couple of days. I just finished a big bowl of gluten free corn cereal with agave nectar to sweeten, and it did not even sort of tame the beast. PLEASE ADVISE... what is going on, and what can I do about it? I cannot go back to how I felt a couple of weeks ago, I suffered immensely for three years before figuring out how to get better. Thank you for anything you can offer, Beatha
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