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  1. Hello fellow members, I live in Australia and just joined this forum. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and associated Leaky Gut, and I've found that many of my symptoms can be alleviated with the right diet. It's just figuring out exactly what to avoid, is the biggest problem. Grains including rice, is the major one, and dairy also. I guess it comes down to eating quite a basic diet of veges, herbs, meat, and maybe eggs and good oils like coconut and olive etc, with some ok nuts and seeds also. I'm joining in with you guys in the hope of talking about Leaky gut related topics, and possibly auto-immune disease etc. I feel that folks with Celiac have a lot of knowledge to offer people like me, since you've done a lot of research of your own, and been through some tough times with your illness. I've been eating gluten free breads for a while - the one i eat is yeast, soy and dairy free.....mostly containing quinoa flour, and a little tapioca flour. Somehow I got on the track of reading up on SAPONINS in various foods, including quinoa. The info that i read, related to how saponins can EXACERBATE leaky gut.... UGH!! anyway, that's kinda where I'm up to right now...I always end up confused, just when I think I'm doing some things right ... buy the way, I find sticking to the diet hard, and go in and out of phases of doing it properly, 100% Right now, I'm not doing it 100%, but not eating grains etc, and other processed stuff. Thanks for listening... I appreciate this opportunity, and look forward to chatting... - all the best to you !.... Leonie
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