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  1. Hi, I'm totally new. My 7 year old has long had symptoms that could indicate celiac disease. Of course, all the symptoms could be something else entirely too, but having already tried Miralax with no change to his digestive troubles, his doctor suggests our next step be a blood panel. We haven't tried an elimination diet because he has autism, and is very self-restrictive with his diet, and a creature of habit, so I wanted to avoid that ordeal for him if it wasn't necessary , as much of what he does eat is loaded with gluten. I also think having his blood drawn at a lab could be an ordeal, so I ordered the Biocard home test, thinking maybe it would be easier, and if it comes up positive then that will justify putting him through the blood draw. My question is this: does anyone know if blood from a nosebleed would work? He gets frequent nosebleeds and it would be really easy to collect a blood sample next time he has one. Thanks if anyone can help! Also, I'd love to hear about anyone's experiences with this home test in general. Thanks! Crissy, mom to Angus.
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