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  1. Update...Well, the new GI doctor did all the tests including an endoscopy. The biopsy results and all the tests including the genetic markings came back negative. As far as he is concernced based on what he has, I am not a candidate for celiac. However; they are asking me to do the gluten-free diet to see if it will help and in addition to that after I am done nursing my little girl if symptoms don't improve they would like to try a medication they normall use for their IBS Patients. I had asked them to repeat the test group of IGA/IGG that were done in the beginning that showed a high positive and somehow they failed to test the deamindated gliadin IGA so I will never know if that would have gone up since I was on gluten. The others were all negative... I have started my gluten free diet as of yesterday and will keep everyone posted. Thanks again for the support and sharing your stories and ideas.
  2. Neroli... To add to the previous post, the positive blood test result was actually after being gluten free for 2 months and still having GI symptoms. I started to notice that milk bothered me so I thought I was completely wrong in thinking it was gluten and started thinking maybe it was something else, which is why I asked my PCP to test. I was surprised to get the positive result. I see you have also eliminated a few other things from your diet. Do you just do it because you notice them bothering you or was it from other tests? I test positive to soy, all nuts (except for peanuts), mustard, raspberry and a few others that are mild. This is the reason why I wanted to get a definite diagnosis cause I have a lot i have to try and avoid....almost absolutely no eating out. Thanks for your response and can't wait to give the gluten-free diet a try again while I wait for biopsy result. BTW, when on the gluten free diet, minus the occasional cramping from dairy, I had more energy, staying up later than I used to, less abdominal discomfort and overall feeling better so regardless, I guess I will make the life long change to going gluten-free.
  3. A little backgrund...I have had a lot of GI problems for a little over 5 years. When the symptoms began then, I had an endoscopy done and was dx and treated for H. Pylori. Now 5 years later, a second child, a gallbladder removal the symptoms were even more intense. I had a colonscopy at that time due to bleeding and bowel problems and was dx with colitis. I was treated with steroids for a month. Things still didn't improbe so I went to my primary care and told her about my symptoms which included abdominal swelling, diarhea, cramping, joint pain, anxiety and unable to focus. The blood test she did included deamindated Gliadin IGA, IGG and tTransglutaminase IGA & IGG. All were negative except for the Deamindated Gliain IgA came back at 49 with the moderate to strong positive being over 30. Since then I had one Gastroentrolgist that wanted to give meds for diarhea but no biopsy and another that just wanted to do a genetic testing, which came back negative. I convicned him to do the endo and biopsy and now awaiting results. I talked with the office and they told me they usually get the positive results right away and I am now assuming mine was negative. Is it possible to have a positive blood test but a negative biopsy results? One more thing I forgot to mention in my background...I have many food groups that I test positive for (skin test) and wheat is one of them. Thanks for taking the time out to read my post and give feedback.
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