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  1. Maybe I just over ate. Thanks for the replies. It's just so confusing when multiple things feel the same.
  2. I have heard such good things about pf changs gluten-free food. Once I had lettuce wraps and street noodles and tonight I had pork/beef fried rice getting sick both times. I've only been gluten-free for 2 months. But other foods haven't been upsetting me so I'm not sure what to think. Anyone else had pf chang issues?
  3. Ladies, Did your period change when you went gluten free? I used to have extremely heavy periods with lots of cramping. This is my second period on the diet and I'm barely having one!! No cramping and very little other. Is this common? It would be fantastic if it is since it's long been a problem. Or am I just wishful thinking? Lol
  4. I miss the social aspect of food. Can't eat the food at pot lucks, group restaurant trips, game night....and people are so confused. "there is no flour in it" they say. But what canned, seasoned or other miscell. did you add in there? Lol. And definitely the convenience since I loved fast food. But thankfully would trade that for the pain going away
  5. I'm recently diagnosed and I'm having trouble because we socialize a lot. People have us over for dinner and want to know what they can cook me. Last week, I told them not to worry and I would bring a safe dish to share. When we got there, they were like "no see, it's all natural" and showed me "all" of the stuff they put in it. Well, they forgot about the green jar olives and some other things. Then my stomach started hurting. How do I explain to people politely that they could be hurting me without knowing it? What do y'all do when you go to someone's house to eat?
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