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  1. I'm actually allergic to the Iodine cleaner they use during surgery & cat scans in the hospital .I found that out when I broke out with severe hives after they injected dye . Do you think the 2 could be related?
  2. Has anyone suffered from a painful hive like rash that comes more often at night with stomach nauseousness?? My back ,chest and leg's are all so itchy I feel like I'm going to scratch my self to death and puke at the same time
  3. I have a question I have not been diagosed but I have an appt to speak with my DR. about Celiac Disease because for over 5 years I been in & out of Dr.& Hospitals with unexplained and undiagnosed severe -abdominal pain -Constipation then sudden diarrhea -weight loss without trying -Fatigue -bruise easy -Irritable all the time -NOW I have this rash that comes and goes in matter of minutes sometimes hours all over my neck,buttocks & leg's <--can this be Celiac? I recently went to my Dr. about a month ago and complained of stomach pain back pain & itchy skin She took a Preg. Test & urine sample blood test came back not pregnant which I told her in the 1st place that it would be impossible for me to be but the urine came back with a little blood in it - She claimed I might have a UTI put me on meds ,I took the meds all my symptoms are still there itching get worst! the bumps come and go if I don't itch alot they go away quicker CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE!!!
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