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  1. If you want I put the website address to the blog I've kept going for my son, in my profile info. I've had it going since he came home from the NICU, but I would say the last year has documented our experience with bio-medical intervention and the diet, pretty well.
  2. My son is still doing great. He's catching and throwing a ball now, doing sumersaults, jumping..... these are things he couldn't do a couple months ago. And he's speaking in small sentences now.
  3. I also forgot to mention he has low tone too. Was in OT for a year. But when he got re-evaluated (after we started supplements and diet) he scored so well he didn't qualify. I couldn't blame them. He could do everything they asked of him.
  4. My son was born 3 months premature. So alot of his "issues" we blamed on that. He was on alimentum formula cause he had such bad reflux. But I think it was a gluten intolerance now. He had issues sucking (I had to put him on cereal nipples so it was easier for him to get the milk out of the bottle) He's been in speech therapy since he was 18 months old. And we had NO progress till I put him on a probiotic when he was 3. He got 20 words in 1 week. Prior to that, all he could say was "mmmmm" He has always been skinny but had a distended belly. I thought it was cause he was so skinny, when he would eat (which he eats a ton) it would just look big. But according to my dr, your belly should never look like that. Which makes me mad cause our pediatrician never said anything about it. We see a bio-medical dr now and he is a god send! My son has not been diagnosed with celiac yet. But with gluten intolerance, but I wonder. I hate to take him off his diet for tests.
  5. I've had a hard time finding anything on the internet with high iron levels but low ferritin levels. Did you ever get an explanation for that?
  6. Was wondering if any of you could tell me if this is par for the course. Before my son went on the gluten free diet his levels were as followed: iron = 169 (high) ferritin = 14 (low) After going on gluten free diet (5 months later) iron = 139 (still high but better) ferritin = 19 (still low but better) I'm assuming all this means he's getting plenty of iron in his diet, just not absorbing it the correct way. He isn't on an iron supplement, but is on methyl b-12 injections every other day. Wonder if anyone had any natural tips for improving these levels.
  7. WOW you just described my son! He is only 3, but before we put him on the diet and supplements, he didn't talk, had sensory issues (would drool when overwhelmed, didn't smell things, didn't feel temperature or pain) He was diagnosed with verbal dyspraxia or apraxia. But now he is speaking in small sentences and is just doing fantastic. My dr calls it gluten intolerance, but from doing research I'm pretty sure he has celiac and that is what caused his apraxia from having vitamin deficiencies.
  8. This question is in regards to my 3 year old son. I finally found a dr that would run tests on him and he came back with around 30 food sensativities. On his IgG he had about 30 (one of them being gluten, scored a 3) and on his IgE he had about 5 allergies, one of them being wheat. So we put him on a gluten free/casien free diet and also cut out the other foods he had sensitivities too. He also had blood work done before the diet and his ferritin levels were 14 (low) and his iron was really high. 5 months later, since starting diet, we retested some things and his ferritin levels went up 5 points (19), iron levels in blood went down 30 points (139 still high but better). Hes' not vitamin d defiecent anymore and his glucose levels improved along with some other things. Anyway.... is this celiac disease? My dr has never straight out called it that but from what I am reading about it and my sons symptoms (bloated stomach, always had really mushy stools before diet, purple rings under his eyes all the time, brittle hair, super skinny besides bloated stomach, stimming behaviors, very significant speech delay (didn't speak till he got on supplements and off gluten....) any info would be great!
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