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  1. I recently did two elimination-rechallenges to confirm a doctor's suspicion that my years of bizarre and sometimes debilitating symptoms were celiac related. After the challenges and after being gluten-free for a few weeks, my symptoms (the worst of which was nearly incessant migraines w/aura) were almost entirely gone. In the past week, though, they've been acting up again. I've had palpitations, dyspnea, joint pain, non-migraine headaches, chills, muscle aches, tingling and pain in the extremities, lots of gas and associated abdominal maladies, and akathisia. It's not nearly as bad as it was before; I'm able to function and I'm very very grateful for that. I started to notice that I'd feel particularly bad (tired and spacey in particular) after I ate something starchy. I read up on other food intolerances and decided to do an elimination diet. I want to be very thorough about this, getting rid of anything that might be causing residual symptoms, so that I can be healthy again. My problem is twofold: first, I can't find any definitive list of categories of food that are sometimes not well tolerated. Second, I'm a vegan, which narrows down my options even further. If I really consider every possible problematic food I'm not sure I'd be able to eat anything at all. Are there intolerances I should be focusing on on the basis of probability? I know I should be doing this under the supervision of a doctor or nutrionist but my resources are limited.
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