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  1. If you eat dairy-free cheese, try ham on corn tortillas w/dairy free cheese. Corn tortilla roll ups with ham or hummus or some mushrooms or olives (or a combination) are good. Gluten-free/egg-free bagels (like Udi's) are good w/margarine, jam & some nice hot tea to start off the day. Add an apple (fiber), a banana (potassium) or strawberries (vitamin C) as a nice side. Or soy yoghurt. Cream of rice or cream of buckwheat or gluten-free oats (glutenfreeda carries single serving packets now) are all excellent with soy, rice or almond milk. For a quick, if not necessarily heart-healthy grab & go, get some microwavable potato cakes (check if they're gluten-free, Ore-Ida's are the most consistently gluten-free I've found), a couple slices of pre-cooked canadian bacon (for more heart healthy, get low-salt, low fat ham) and a couple corn tortilla's. Microwave the potato cake and the bacon. Cut potato cake in half, put bacon on a tortilla, put half a potato cake in the middle, wrap it up. Do the same with the other. If you prefer the tortilla warm (corn tortillas don't have to be heated, but they keep their shape better if they are), throw them into the microwave for about 10 seconds. Wrap them in a paper towel. Grab an apple or a small box of raisins (for fiber). Grab your tea or coffee and go. If you are near one, Trader Joe's carries brown rice tortillas which are excellent as sandwich wraps, but they require heating. Lunchmeat, lettuce, mayo and mustard in the middle of these make an excellent meal. Word of warning, they must be eaten right away -- the tortilla will slowly turn too hard to chew as they cool. So if you want to take them for lunch, you'll have to assemble them at work *after* microwaving the tortilla and then eat straight away.
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