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  1. I think I'll call and talk to him on the phone when I get a chance. I don't think he knows enough of my symptoms to want to order a test for me yet, and I don't think he'd want me to just list them off over the phone. Maybe I can at least avoid a specialist I guess, though.
  2. gastrointestinal are you supposed to get a referral before seeing a specialist? If it's just to let the specialist know what information he has documented on me, he doesn't really have any.
  3. To summarize, my doctor gave me some medication to try to help with some bleeding, and told me that if it doesn't resolve, I may need to see a specialist. Well, it didn't help, so should I just go to a specialist and skip going back to him? I mean I don't want to pay for a doctor's appointment just to have him go "yep, go see someone else." I live in Wisconsin, about 30 minutes north of milwaukee, if anyone knows of any good doctors. I don't know how much this is going to cost even with my insurance...
  4. Alright, so can I call my local clinic and ask just ask the front desk if my doctor can get me a test for celiac disease? Or should I ask to talk about the symptoms? I'm worried the doctor may assume it's nothing to worry about and would try to recommend other things. What's the best coarse of action? Go with what the doctor thinks, or just straight up ask for a test?
  5. I've had some problems for many years that I haven't thought much of until recently, and I personally think it may be related to celiac disease, or at least some kind of sensitivity. My biggest concern is the light red bleeding on occasion after using the restroom. my doctor gave me some steroids to try to get it to heal, but they didn't seem to help. I have no idea if this is related to gluten/food intolerance, but I figured it's possible it's from intestinal damage due to gluten, correct? Second, I have keratosis pilaris, self diagnosed. I think it's safe to assume I can look at it and figure out what it is easy enough. I haven't seen any official research linking KP to gluten, but there are multiple posts on forums stating gluten free diets have ridden people of their skin issues. Third, and less worrisome than the other two, is the really bad gas I get that I can kind of associate with gluten. If I go a day or two without eating glutenous foods, the gas seems to clear up, but I can have gas for hours after eating a sandwich. I'm not as worried about this, seeing as lots of foods give lots of people gas, and I don't have diarrhea, but you can still have gluten related problems even without, correct? If I have any other, more subtle symptoms, I may have been living with them for too long to realize I have them. So if anyone thinks I should get tested, I'd like some info on where to go in lower wisconsin. talking milwaukee area or just north of it. Also, what the heck is a biopsy and is it painful? :|
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