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  1. I too was recently diagnosed with Celiac and Microscopic colitis (JAN). I'm on Entocort BC Imodium caused bad constipation and Pepto Bismol made me nauseous and I was having monthly 5 day episodes and my stomach hurt all the time - didn't know what I could eat. I had been on a gluten free diet for 10 yrs, believing I was just intolerant to gluten. I'm now on a strict gluten-free diet and learning about the cross contamination issues that I hadn't practiced before ex. I buy Applegate turkey labeled gluten-free, however, I was having it sliced at the deli counter. I won't be doing that again - will have to get it prepackaged. I was thinking of doing Entrolab to see if I need to eliminate egg (which I have been eating) soy, (not eating) or casein (I'm off all dairy). I had a lactose test yesterday and am waiting for results, but I think I'm not lactose intolerant, which would be nice. I've had a terrible time trying to figure out what is causing my issues. A lot of the people on this microscopic forum (Google it) are doing something called MRT testing for food sensitivities. Diet is the key and it's a slow process trying to sort out on what foods to avoid that might trigger episodes
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