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  1. I am now 35 weeks pregnant and my ob didn't seem to really say much about celiac, other than just stay on the vitamins that are prescribe to me by my general dr, calcium and vitamin D. I think as long as you stay away from any sources of gluten your body tends to make it easier to absord the proper nutrients. I thought I would maybe have to double up on prenatal but that was a no too. My Ob did start to schedule monthly ultrasounds after 18 weeks to monitor the babys growth. But other than that it seemed like she wasn't to overly concerned. Take care and let us know how things are going.
  2. i am 28 weeks and have gained 40 pounds already and feel great, maybe it does go into remission.
  3. i am currently 28 weeks and have taken gluten completly out of my diet, I feel great, no problems with nausea. I try to eat as much of each food group as possible and take my vitamins. One thing I have noticed is that since I have become pregnant it is much eaiser for me to gain weight, before I could eat lots, and not gain weight, now I am up 40 pounds being pregnant. Some say your immune system slows down and auto immune dieases sort of go into remission, not sure if this correct, maybe explains why the weight gain. I also have PBC another auto immune diease of the liver and that seems to be going well too with pregnancy. I would say take the proper vitamins and each as much healthy foods you can and stay away from any form of gluten and all will work out.
  4. It is nice to hear that others have had successful pregnancy with Celiac, make it easier to sleep at night, with being 15 weeks pregnant, I never had any systoms when exposed to gluten, so at times I have no clue if I am getting gluten by mistake, one thing that I stress over is the Natural Flavor ingredient on labels, does anyone know if it pretains to candy and yogurt, I would doubt there is any gluten in these, or V8 juice is another. What I see on the internet is that natural flavor is safe. any thoughts on this one?
  5. Hi there, I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and am trying my best to stay on a gluten free diet, I do understand the concerns you have, as I have them as well, wondering if small amounts of gluten will cause miscarriage and after how many weeks are we still at risk. I think if we stay away from obvious sources of gluten we will be fine, unfourtanley there are so many hidden sources, those are the ones that keep me worried, good luck and please share how you are doing.
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