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  1. i have always had stomach problems. with long bouts of constipation then alternating with the other. i thought it was a problem with milk so i cut that out. but i still have problems!! and over the last couple months, i've been feeling very tired, foggy headed, anxious, a sort of tightness in my chest, and nausea and all this on top of the stomach issues! i craved bread and cereals but i'd feel so full and bloated when i ate too much. and when i had pizza i'd get super thirsty, like i couldn't get enough water. a friend of mine told me i may have a gluten intolerance. i just don't know! but i also read that a lot of you guys just got a run around from the doctors so i hate to go that route and be out a lot of time and money. does this seem like it's gluten related? i also worry that gluten may affect my son. he has frequent stomach aches and he has soft spots on a couple teeth. help!
  2. my son is 6 and has two white spots on his teeth. the dentist gave us some 'prescription' toothpaste for him to try but the spot isn't getting any better. also, when he was about 3 he had to get a tooth pulled because of an abscess. i am coming to the realization that i probably have celiac even though i've not gotten tested. now this really makes me think he has it too!
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