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  1. Thanks for the reply. All my blood work came out normal. So no thyroid issue to worry about. I hope, now, that going gluten free I will be able to shed some pounds I am really frustrated. Nothing else works. I eat healthy too. Am a vegetarian and eat plenty fruits and veg.
  2. Extreme weight gain. No matter how healthy I eat I always seem to gain weight. IBS symtoms. I have been tested for celiacs which came back negative. So I'm now being tested for gluten intolerance.
  3. I am about 151 pounds and 5'2. I am finding it impossible to lose weight unless I only eat two meals a day, which I have done to go down to 141 pounds. If I eat between that I am almost guaranteed to gain weight. I have had a celiac test which came out negative. I had a gluten intolerance test on Monday and have been gluten free since. I am waiting for the results. Is it true that people with gluten sensivity (not celiac) can gain weight?
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