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  1. Thank you for your quick response. She is awake because the stomach ache wakes her.
  2. My daughter hasn't been tested for celiac's yet, although her dr. is fairly certain that is what we are dealing with. My question is for parents whose kids vomit as a reaction to gluten. My daughter has been having problems where she will vomit in the middle of the night and have no other symptoms of a stomach flu. If it's gluten related, do your kids vomit immediately after eating gluten or is it delayed? We ate last night at 6:30pm. She threw up this morning at 5am. She has no other symptoms of a flu..no fever, no sweating, no loss of energy, no achiness, and she's eating just fine now. In fact, she's wanting to eat and eating with no problems. I'm purposely having her avoid all gluten today so as to possibly differentiate if it's the flu or not. I asked her if her stomach hurt last night after eating and she said that it didn't start hurting until the middle of the night. I'm asking to see if it's possible that it was gluten related since she has absolutely no symptoms of the flu with this. This isn't the first time this has happened and it's starting to happen more and more. Any of your kids have a delayed glutened response like this?
  3. I totally agree here! Be sure to tell him the truth about the shot. Let him know that it will hurt at first, but it is quick. When my daughter had her kinder shots, I recognized that there was a bouncy ball that she wanted every single time we went to the grocery store, so I told her that she was going to get her shots the next day. I explained all about the shots (why she needed them, what they were for, where they would stick her, how much it would hurt, how quickly they would be administered). I told her that crying was ok, but if she could try her hardest to be brave and let the nurse give the shots, we would walk right down to the grocery store and buy that bouncy ball she wanted so much. It ended up that she offered her arm right to the nurse without hesitation when the time came. She did cry when they stuck the shots in, but she didn't scream, wail, or fling herself around and her crying stopped right after the last shot. She didn't have any problems with lingering pain afterwards either, but I did the Tylenol/Motrin alternation for 24 hours afterwards. I had also made sure to give her a dose of Tylenol right before heading in to the dr. office as well. Good luck!!!
  4. Thank you, everyone, for your replies. I have discussed all your replies with my husband and he and I both have agreed that we should get the blood testing done on her. She's been off gluten since the allergist told us his suspicion of her being gluten intolerant. That was 8 days ago. How long should I have gluten reinstated in her diet for the test to be viable? I want to make sure that if I make her go through this, the test will have a lower chance of resulting in a false negative.
  5. Hello! Just last week, I took my daughter (6 years old) to an allergist because she's been complaining of an upset stomache for about 2 years now and maybe more. I feel like the worst mom. She doesn't eat a whole lot and I always thought that it was due to her not eating very much or that she just had to go to the bathroom. Man, do I feel like I deserve the "Worst Mom of the Year" award. Anyways, I finally decided that there was more to her complaints and took her to see an allergist thinking that she had a food allergy of some sort. They did her testing and found she wasn't allergic to any foods. After more questioning, her dr. said he was 90% sure she was wheat intolerant. He said that he wasn't willing to do the blood test because it was unreliable and didn't want her to go through that for him to simply say what he would tell me to do anyways which was to avoid wheat. I'm fine with that, but sometimes wonder if I should push to have the gi test done on her to see if it's an intolerance or actually celiac's. Now that I've been researching it, she has a lot of the symptoms and I can see why her dr. was so sure of her intolerance. She has a bit of an extended stomache and has had it all her life even though she's a tiny little thing. I always thought it was just her "baby" stomache that just wouldn't go away. She's little. She's always been in the 5th percentile in height and weight even though her sister has always been in the 75th percentile. She complains of her legs hurting all the time. She gets diarrhea very easily. She was a really fussy baby and had reflux. She gets a lot of respiratory infections (this could also be due to her allergy to grass). Something interesting in hindsight is that she seemed to naturally avoid some things with wheat or gluten. In fact, I got in trouble with her Kindergarten teacher for packing only veggies and fruits in her lunches (no protein), but it was all I could get her to eat at the time because whenever I packed something with protein it was in a sandwich or rolled in a tortilla. One of the things that has me thinking that she may be suffering from celiac's rather than an intolerance is that her symptoms happen immediately after eating sometimes actually in the middle of eating. I had also had her on a gluten free diet for 2 weeks, then she ate tacos with her dad and threw up that night with no other symptoms that would lead us to think it was the flu or anything else. In a way, I agree with my dr. in that why should she have to go through the yucky testing just to have the same results. But, then wonder in my head if she should actually be tested. Any thoughts? Thank you!
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