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  1. Hi Everyone~ I'm from Livonia, MI and was diagnosed three weeks ago. All bloodwork came back fine. Breath test came back fine, but was symptomatic. Also, lactose intolerant. Dr. first said he thought I was gluten intolerant from my symptoms. Later he said he wouldn't doubt if I had celiac disease. Quite a jump. Having trouble adjusting. Any thoughts? PatB27
  2. I just got back from the doctor. Surprised me! He had done a full load of blood tests and hydrogen breath tests. I was expecting to just be put on antibiotics for my stomach. Instead, he told me, that although the blood tests were negative, with my symptoms he felt I had celiac disease and was lactose intolerant. He started out by saying he was sorry and that my life was going to change drastically. While the nurse gave me information on lactose intolerance, she forgot the information on celiac disease. I see there's a lot out there. BUT.... WHERE do I start? My head is still spinning.
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