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  1. Blood test results for things that were a little off are: Calcium 9.8 Normal being 8.0-9.5 RDW-SD 34.7 Normal Being 36.4-54.5 I don't know what that is Lymphocytes 18.5 Normal Being 30.0-65.0 Don't know what that is Gliadin IGG AB 15.0 Nromal under 10 IGA 63 Normal being 64-246 Hemoglobin 6.0 Normal being 4.0-5.7 Estimated Average Glucose 126 ALT (SGPT) 28 Normal 30-65 Don't know what that is We are currently seeing a Pediatric Gastro for 2 of my kids. We started off with my son but his blood work came back normal. His IgA is 12 with 64 being the low normal. The Gastro would only be willing to do the Endo if my daughters biopsy came back normal. My daughter has only been in pain for less than 3 months. My son has been in pain for 2 years but has never been checked out. We are very frustrated. Thank you both for looking at my post.
  2. My daughter was positive on a blood test and negative on a biopsy. She is IgA deficient. She is also pre-diabetic. Question #1 what does that mean??? My son has been having horrible stomach pains for 2 years. The Dr. was only willing to check him if my daughters biopsy came back positive. His blood test came back negative but he is severely IgA deficient and that changes blood tests. Question #2 Should I push the issue and talk to the Dr. AGAIN about checking my son or just remove glutin from his diet on my own. My husband and I are very frustrated with all this. Our son has horrible joint pain, horrible stomach pain, asthma, IgA deficiency, allergies (wheat, oats and eggs). We don't know what to do or where to turn to get our boy some help. If our daughter would have been positive in the biopsy then our son would be checked next. Now we are left to "monitor his pain" for a few more months. There is only 1 pediatric gastro in the area otherwise we would get a 2nd opinion. PLEASE HELP!!!
  3. Thank you for your help. It helps put my mind at ease. This is totally unexpected.
  4. My 11 yr. old daughter is going in for an Endoscopy (sp) on Monday and I was wondering about the recovery. Is she going to be in pain afterwards? Will she wake up fine? The reason I ask is because when my son was 2 he had to have his Lymph nodes on his neck biopsied. He was terrified when he woke up. He screamed and thrashed around in my arms for what seemed like forever. He wasn't fully awake even. I worry that my daughter will react the same way. Also, if they are going to biopsy her, will she have pain or will she be ready to go to school the following day. Thank you all in advance for your help. We are new to this and very nervous.
  5. Thank you. Child #2 is the one that we brought in first thinking that he might have Celiacs. His IgA deficiency has made this difficult to detect. Poor boy has been in pain for 2 years and we just can't get an answer to what is causing his pain.
  6. I have 4 kids all have IgA Deficiency. 2 kids are having difficulty. Child #1 Lots of blood tests done. Gliadin IgG AB 15 with a normal range of 1-10. and Hemoglobin 6.0 Has headaches, stomach aches, dizzyness, thirst, sleeplessness Does her IgG indicate a positive for Celiacs? She goes in for an endo on Monday but want to know what to expect. Child #2 All Celiac tests came back normal. Stomach aches for 2 years. IgA deficient (at a 12 with 64 being the low normal). Wondering if we should have an endo done anyway since the IgA can make a false negative for Celiacs. Thank you to anyone that can help.
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