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  1. Thanks for everyone's comments. My symptoms are; Nausea Fullness in Stomach Completely Exhausted Depressed Cannot stand the smell of anything Have no appetite. When I do eat something I have continual burping and acid. Sometimes so bad my mouth gets burnt. My Naturopath says I have dysbiosis and chronic constipation. I am taking digestive enzymes, Vitamin B Complex, Adrenal Gland Vitamins, Iodine. I went for a 2nd opinion and the doctor put me on Metronidazole. Only been on it for a few days. I have avoided any type of gluten, pretty much eat rice noodles, cooked veggies and some chicken or fish. I do not drink alcohol. I have changed my whole way of eating. I just wasn't sure that for instance if I ate some gluten today, how long might it take for the "illness" to hit. The doctors say, "don't worry it isn't life threatening". Yeah, right!! Well it has completely ruined my life and is effecting everyone I know. Anyway, enough ranting! Thanks for listening.
  2. Yes, I have. I am actually going today for another endoscopy, but I am sure she won't find any anything. According to what I have read you have to have been eating gluten for awhile prior to the test. I have not. Something my G.I. neglected to tell me. I am so done with this one.
  3. I have not been diagnosed with celiac, gluten intolerance. I have tried to be gluten free for months now, but seem to be getting sicker and sicker. I just have a few questions for the people who have been diagnosed with Celiac or gluten intolerance. When you have an "attack" what happens to your body? How long does it take to feel better and what do you do, if anything to feel good again? Do Celiac's have more "D" than "C". I have been sick pretty much on a constant basis for 5 years. In the past 6 months have been very, very bad. I have a reason to believe by reading alot of the posts that I may have something else and my doctors are just "guessing" on what is happening to me. Thanks, Sickley
  4. Does anyone have bad dreams when they are having a gluten attack? When I am "sick" I have the most bizarre dreams.
  5. I guess you had to do alot of elimination on figuring this out. I have tried to avoid all things gluten and dairy. I have not heard about a corn allergy. So I am assuming corn chips, corn tortillas, etc. are out! I am try to figure things out myself. Very sick at this moment and very depressed!
  6. I am new this site and am so desperate to feel better right now!! I have had every test under the sun for any G.I. disorders and none diagnosed. The new G.I. i saw has put me on antibiotics for SIBO. I have tried very, very hard to avoid anything with artificial sugars and gluten. I am going for my 2nd endoscopy on Monday. Should I continue to "be sick" for this test? I feel like there is no help for me out there!! A question I have is when I am having an "episode" of illness, what can I do to make me feel better? I am sick for days, can't eat, can't drink, loose weight, etc. At my wits end
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