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  1. So I have been gluten free for 9 months since having a horrible reaction in March (after being gluten clean for 2 months due to low carb dieting). My Endo and I have decided to try for the blood test, and this requires me to eat wheat for two weeks minimum in order to register a positive antibody. I started Christmas Eve. The aches and stomach pains I expected. I expected worse of a headache than I have, and I expected mild brain fog. What I didn't expect was feeling intoxicated, as though I had been drinking or partaking in other intoxicants. Does anyone else experience intoxication symptoms with gluten or wheat exposure? I know wheat glutens can mimic opioids, but can they make you feel intoxicated? Ugh, I have to go through two more weeks of this stuff! Ick!
  2. It's definitely a powerful reinforcer. I'm doing Atkins to control pre-diabetes (all but eliminated in a few days and after a month and a half I love this too much to stop), so grains and starches are out in general. This will help keep it that way. I'm STILL feeling cruddy and I couldn't put in a full day's work today because of it. Thanks for the welcome!
  3. I stopped eating grains, sugar, and starch (essentially low carb with the exception of vegetables other than carrots and potatoes) about a month and a half ago. I might have had trace amounts, but it was generally completely out of my diet in every way. Last night I was at a baby shower and I at a small slice of cake and a nanaimo bar (a square made with icing, coconut, graham, and chocolate, common to Canada). Within a few hours my stomach was roiling and I felt cold and sick. That night I slept very poorly, and I woke up this morning still feeling extremely icky inside with nausea. The eggs I forced myself to eat for breakfast didn't sit well with me. Additionally, I developed a migraine headache and joint pain, particularly in my wrist and elbows. I had a similar (but less violent) reaction a week ago when I ate soup that had been made with a small amount of flour as a thickener. I've never considered that I might have a wheat or gluten intolerance, but my roommate does, and though he still eats gluten-containing foods (I have no idea why), he's described it when he gets 'too much' and it sounds a lot like what's going on now. My question for this board is are these reactions consistent with a gluten and/or grain intolerance? All I can say is that if this is what I'm going to have to go through for a piece of cake, I'm better off without it all around!
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