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  1. I go to the Lansing PF Changs and they will serve me a lunch portion with the lunch portion pricing? wonder why they are different than some of yours? I think I just had to ask but it wasn't listed on the menu.
  2. I am glad you called Steve-he really is knowledgeable and great. He is willing to go the extra mile-just be patient as things are not always super fast. I drive 45 minutes to get pizza every few weeks because i love their stuff so much!
  3. Since I live in the area, I will let you know where I go. Guidos in Okemos/Haslett-they make AWESOME gluten free pizza with fresh dough. they also have a deli with sandwiches, subs, breadsticks, homemade waffle cones......so much good stuff. It is a little chaotic and disorganized there sometimes but it is really good. Steve is the owner and will talk forever about his product and cross contamination processes. Red Robin on the west side of Lansing/Delta Township PF Changs at the Eastwood Towne Center Outback Steakhouse (there are two, one on the westside and one in Okemos) Five Guys in downtown East Lansing
  4. They offer a 30 day trial period on the machine so I can see if I like it. $7 mix is not any different than most of the other stuff out there and that doesn't bother me. I want to know if someone has it, do they like it and their take on it.
  5. So does anyone here own a Bready machine? My husband is buying me one for my birthday coming up and I want to know what you think about yours?
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