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  1. Hi everyone, I have been reading your posts and have found them to be very helpful. Right now I am experiencing what many of you have gone through. I feel so depressed because everyone is acting like my symptoms are all in my head. I don't have anyone else to talk to about this. I am desperate for some advice. Yesterday I felt like I couldn't take my symptoms any more so I made an appointment to be seen at my university's clinic. This morning I was seen by a doctor, I tried to tell her all of my symptoms but she simply would cut me off, say that they weren't relevant and that I needed to make separate appointments for each of the symptoms. After examining my bum/colon she referred me to a "specialist". She didn't provide me with any information, I had to Google information on the referral to figure out that my stool tested positive for blood and that my bum was sore. I have hemorrhoids from years of being constipated/diarrhea. I have had digestive problems my entire life along with Chancer sores, sudden fevers, itchy/dry skin and fatigue, ADHD. I have many allergies, including dairy and soy. I finally made my appointment because: I eliminated gluten from my diet and I was feeling ALIVE! Then I got takeout from my favorite restaurant (I thought that they would be safe. After that my symptoms came back. I am anemic (have been since I was diagnosed 11 yrs ago) I only weigh 121 lbs.. I was never this light, not even when I played sports in HS (even women's weightlifting). I always wanted to be slimmer but I love food and being active. I am 5'5 my healthy weight would vary from 135-150,at one point I weighed 168. Now, everyone thinks that I have an eating disorder. Last November my thick hair began to fall out. My boobs shrunk, leg muscles are barley there yet I still have a tummy. I am shrinking. My self-esteem is dwindling. I have always had cold hands and feet that turn bluish purple but they became numb at times. One day I was walking to the library and I felt like my legs were going to give out on me, I couldn't bend my knee to step down without pain... people were staring at me, I probably looked like I crapped my pants! I told the Dr that I concerned because some of my toes were numb, I couldn't sleep or concentrate. I felt anxious and became depressed. My friends from my department stopped talking to me all of a sudden...I was being avoided, they thought that I was nuts. Now I am taking meds for ADHD, Depression and Insomnia...I am seeing a therapist and going to group therapy for the depression. I am sorry this post has become so long. I'll try to make this shorter...After being referred the digestive specialist this morning I was in tears. The specialist disregarded my symptoms and made me feel like I was a insane. The assistants snickering outside of the room. Before eliminating gluten from my diet I kept a food diary, the first thing I noticed was the bread and beer. I had no idea what gluten was. I explained all of this to the specialist. The Dr. just gave me a print out and a discussion about constipation and fiber supplements! Then he said that he wanted to run some tests and do a colonoscopy with sedatives. I am in my 20's and have no family history of cancer or polyps. My mother actually got this same run-around at the same place and ended up with a prescription for her stomach acid, the Dr thought that this was irrelevant. I was so nervous. I only have the basic student insurance, this means that I have to pay a $500 deductible and out of pocket cost after a certain amount. I had many test done in the Fall and the only concern was the anemia. Right now I am just getting by I can't afford anything else... All I can do is pray and ask for prayers. Any advice would be helpful. Sorry for the long post.
  2. Hi everyone I am so happy to have found your forum. For months I have been praying to find out what is "wrong" with me. I do not know anyone with Celiac Disease so I have found many of your posts to be helpful. I have not been diagnosed, I am a student and only have the basic student insurance which means that I can only go to the clinic on campus. I have experienced muscle twitching, pain and numbness. After eating a meal I get a fever then chills. One day I am constipated and the next day I have dia.... I have lost muscle mass and my hair has been falling out. I feel tired but I can't sleep. When I eat dairy or soy I get sick and break out so I suspect that gluten could be a problem too. All of this has wrecked my self esteem because I appear to be a pessimistic,crazy person with an eating disorder. Everyone thinks that I must be making up my symptoms. I am eliminating gluten from my diet. This is the first week and I already notice no flushing or fevers after eating. Thanks again
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