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  1. Just thought you guys should know that my wife left me on Saturday on moved in with her Mother in Virginia. 4 days before the whole family was suppose to move to kentucky for my job that we have know about for months. I got home from work and she told me that her and my daughter would not be accompanying me to Kentucky. Really blindsided me and screwed me. I have a 26 foot moving trucked ready to packed, a new lease ready to be signed, and no place to live here after next week. I don't know if it has anything to do with Celiacs disease but I'm just really hurting right now and in shock!! I had to file immediate paperwork with the court and now that she has been served she has stopped speaking to me. OUCH
  2. I wanted to start another thread as my one about why can't have it in moderation seems somewhat irrelevant as it is clear why. I think she is in Denial. She looking for me to give her the go ahead for example: that we could order pizza tonight and just forget about the Gluten for a night. But won't do it unless I say its okay. I understand what she is doing, looking for my approval to be bad!! But it puts me in a difficult situation. Because when I say no way, I become a controlling jerk in her mind(at least outwardly and I obviously can't condone eating pizza either. I don't want to force her to come to the message boards as that would do more harm than good. She just doesn't wan't to deal with it and doesn't seem like there is a whole lot of support I can give. Seems like she wants me to just let her go ahead a Glute??? herself and leave her alone about it. I know I can't fix this and its her life and if she wants to destroy it by eating things she is allergic to, I shouldn't prevent her as then she would just hide it, but what should I do? Where is the line of being supportive vs. being controlling? BTW tried Gluten free pizza. We live in NY. Wasn't impressed
  3. My wife may disagree with you about me being amazing. At least sometimes . Thank you for taking the time to respond, I will ask her read it.
  4. Wonderful advice. Wife will be on the forums shortly when she is ready.
  5. Thats a topic for a whole another forum, lol . However, nice it is to be reminded of. Hopefully she will start researching at get on here soon.
  6. forgiven. it seems like a very helpful positive group.
  7. So this is a quote from her doctor more or less " we believe you have celiac's disease. Your levels were so high that we stopped counting" Counting what? what blood test requires an observer to continuously count, like a clock ticking, not just note down the values and the end of period of time or after a test has been complete. I'm not a doctor but that phrasing raised a red flag with me. They did mention the specific antibodies they were counting but im not sure at this time which ones they were referring to. Thanks again
  8. Once again thanks for the responses. I have no Gluten Allergies, however for many years I have not eaten many wheat based products regularly. I have always believed carbohydrates are the leading cause of many health problems so I have abstained. So please stop bashing me about wanting to keep eating Gluten. I could care less, I barely eat it right now anyway. My wife however loves bread and loves kit kat's, etc. Just last night when she found out she would never be able to have a kit kat again, I dealt with a very upset young lady and promptly drove to the nearest gas station to buy as many different candies that I could that were gluten free, to console my crying wife. THIS ISN"T ABOUT ME!!!!!
  9. Thank you for all the responses. Im starting to become very skeptical of Celiac's Disease and whether or not she has been misdiagnosed. Her Symptoms are basically IBS and from reading about many people symptoms she is either in the early stages or she is very lucky not to have many of the other symptoms. I think its time to get a second opinion and perhaps go for a biopsy instead of just trusting the blood test.
  10. My wife was recently diagnosed with Celiac's disease and as the always concerned husband I have been researching all weekend trying to learn everything I can. As far as I can tell she has to quit gluten for good. I have not read or seen anything that says she can have cake on her birthday or stuffing at thanksgiving. Moderation does not apply. I would like to be able to tell her that "yeah you can have cake but it'll make you sick for the rest of the night but tomorrow you will fell fine" at least have the option to indulged every so often and suffer the consequences. Is that accurate? Will she just have her symptoms for a short period of time or is their some other long term consequences that result from the occasionally consumption of Gluten. I cannot find any information referencing one way or the other. Additionally it will be at least two weeks before we can get her into her new Gastroenterologist as we are moving, so I cannot have this conversation with a professional for at least some time. Thanks
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