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  1. My daughter has gluten intolerance as well as casein and soy intolerance. I suspect some form of sugar intolerance, but I'm not sure about that. She has been tested for celiac and is negative. She does not have the gene for celiac but does have a double gluten intolerance gene. She was strictly gluten free for about 3 months. She had some resolution of symptoms, but still had stomach aches, some reflux and constipation. A couple of weeks ago we had a death in the family. Because of this she was off of her diet. She had mild stomach aches, but nothing much more than her normal. She claims she felt no worse eating "normally" than she does eating gluten-free. She does not want to go back to the diet. My confusion is why does she not have a more severe reaction? Could it be that her stomach issues never were caused by the wheat? Could it be that it just didn't catch up with her yet. She's only 12 and I don't want to make her eat this way if it's not really necessary. We don't even have a doctor to ask about this. None of her doctors see gluten intolerance as a real issue. They pooh pooh any connection unless there is celiac present. Any advice would be appreciated - she tested positive on an IGG blood test and on the Enterolab stool testing
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