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  1. My daughter will have her 1st appointment with a GI DR in 2 days and it sure could not be soon enough. She has had issues with stomachaches for years but over the past year it has gotten much worse. For the most part, she goes about her day and it does not stop her from doing too many things. She was diagnosed with lactose intolerance when she was 3 after many failed attempts to give her regular milk since she was 1. Since then she has been on lactose free milk. As long as we limited foods containing lactose, she seemed okay. But for the past 6 months or so, she has had some type of stomach pain almost every day. Her pediatrician did some bloodwork that showed the Gliadin IGG was positive at 29.9 (anything over 10 is positive) but she did not do the complete testing so I am not sure what those results really mean. She told me to try eliminating gluten but before I do that, I think she needs to see a GI specialist. I would kind of like to know for sure what is causing her problems instead of guessing at it. That is just a little background,.......the reason I am posting now is because she seems to have developed some new symptoms over the past week and I am not sure if this is something related or something on top of everything she already had going on. She got a stomachache on Sunday that was so bad she threw up. At 1st I was thinking that she got the flu but I am sure that is not the case. Once she threw up, she did feel better. GOod enough that she wanted to eat a full meal. After that she played all day and even jumped on her trampoline. Later the same day, she ate a few tortilla corn chips and then came to me telling me that her stomach hurt really bad, she did not throw up this time. She said that this pain is located a little higher than where her pain normally falls (most of the time she says it hurts in the belly button area,...this time it was about 3 to 4 inches above the belly button area.) I gave her mylicon(gas drops) because she said the pain was really sharp, I thought maybe it was being caused from trapped gas??? A little while later she said she felt better but it still hurt like her stomach always hurts. She got up today and said she has a stomachache but it is how she always feels,....not the sharp pain. Last week I got a call from school because she had gotten a really bad stomachache them too. I had to go get her out of school. She came home and laid down and seemed to feel batter after about 20 minutes. Does any of this sound like it really could be celiac or gluten intolerance? I have a friend that is a nurse and she thinks I am crazy for even thinking that it is possible that she might be gluten intolerant.... she has not lived through the past 7 years with my daughter always having issues with her stomach. I get kind of tired of people thinking that I am making a bigger deal of this than it is. I really think that my daughter has learned to live with a constant stomachache without complaining too much until it gets really bad. I hope that we get some answers on Wednesday...even if it ends up not being gluten, I need some answers.... Denise
  2. Cara- Sounds like we will be going through this testing process together. I hope we can both get some answers for our children soon. I do not think my daughter had the total IGA test done. i cannot figure out why they would not do it. Maybe that is something they will retest her for at our appt next wed. Do you have your endoscope scheduled yet? My daughter has the dark circles under her eyes too. i will keep you posted on what happens next week. Denise
  3. We have our 1st appointment with GI in 6 days. It cannot come any quicker. I had to pick my daughter up from school today because her stomach hurt. I knew she was not really sick but I assume the office staff thought she might have the flu. She came home and laid down for about 20 minutes and is up running around again. It happened right after lunch, she only ate the crackers and a little bit of peanut butter that she had in her lunch. When she got home, she told me that is seems like she always gets the stomachache 5 to 10 minutes after eating. And I am not sure if the stomachache that she is complaining of it a gas type pain or what. she is only 7 so I don't think she can tell me exactly what the pain is yet. It seems that whatever is going on with her, it is getting worse and worse. would gluten intolerance work this way? is it different for everyone? would the pain come right after eating and pass 30 minutes later? I am really hoping that her GI DRs agree that she needs the endoscope, I am tired of not knowing what to do to make her feel better. This has been going on most of her 7 years of life but has been somewhat manageable but the past year it has been getting much worse to the point where she is missing school because of it.
  4. Thank you for your response. Do you think that maybe once we see the GI DR that they will run their own blood tests or is this enough to do an endoscope?
  5. Last night after I posted my question, I thought of a few more things that have been going on with my daughter over the past 3 months. She has been doing gymnastics/tumbling for 5 years and loves it. over the past few months has has been tiring very easily during her routines and has even gotten to the point where she is gasping for air and out of breath. Her DR told me that it was probably activity/exercise induced asthma and gave her an inhaler to use. Is there any connection with gluten intolerance and asthma? She has also been complaining of headaches. Her WBC is elevated but not too high...it was 14. i assume that could be from inflammation???? Did any of you have a high WBC caused from celiac? As I said in my first post, we have our 1st appt with the GI DR in 2 weeks. What should I expect from that visit? What if they tell me that she does not need the endoscope? I really feel like they need to do it to figure out what is going on, even if it ends up not being celiac or gluten intolerance. Thank you again for taking the time to read and respond.
  6. Hi, I am new here and hope that someone could help me understand what my daughters lab results mean. First I will give you a little background... My daughter is 7 years old and has had stomachaches for as long as I can remember. She was a very gassy/colicy baby, we eventually put her on a soy formula. That did help but we still had to give her mylicon gas drops pretty much every day. When she turned one, her DR told me to try to introduce milk because alot of babies that have had problems on formula will be okay with regular milk. We did that and it did not go well so we went back to a soy milk and eventually switched her to a lactose free milk. We tried to transition her to regular milk a few times up until she was 3 when her DR ordered a test (cannot remember the name of it......I had to take in a stool sample). From this test, he told me that she was lactose intolerant. We kept her on lactose free milk and avoided foods containing lactose. Over the next couple years she started having more and more stomachaches. Everytime I would go to the DR they blamed it on constipation even though I was not so sure of that. We were still having to give her the mylicon gas drop on a regular basis even at 7 years old....I do not even know if it really helps her that much, I just did not know what else to do. She said that it helps sometimes. So when she turned 7, I took her to a new pediatrician to see what she would say about the stomach aches and she told me that it was possible that it was just her being worried about the upcoming start of the new school year. She recommended that I wait until after the school year started to see if the stomach pain went away. Well, we are now 6 months into the new school year and i was fed up with not knowing what to do for her when she is crying around that her stomach hurts everyday! So I made another appt with the DR. She ran a bunch of tests and told me that she was pretty sure that everything would come back okay but either way she was going to send her to a GI specailist because the pain was going on for too long. I got a call a few days ago with the receptionist telling me that her gluten numbers were high and they were sending her to a GI specialist to have further testing done. Here are what her results show. GLIADIN IGG, IGA ABS (NOTE) Analyte --------------------------------------------------- Gliadin IgG Antibodies 29.9 HIGH (ref range: < 10.0) Units: U/mL Gliadin IgA Antibodies < 5.0 (ref range: < 5.0) Units: U/mL TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE AB< IG (NOTE) Analyte ----------------------------------------------------- Transglutaminase IgG Autoantibodies < 6.0 (ref range: < 6.0) Units: U/mL Transglutaminase IgA Autoantibodies < 4.0 (ref range: < 4.0) Units: U/mL I was not sure if having the one positive result within the Gliadin IgG part of the test was enough for her to really have celiac disease or gluten intolerance. I have been reading online and came across something that made me think that it could be nothing or it could be celiac or even another autoimmune gastrointestinal disorder. What are the chances that this is Celiac? Is there anyone that can help me understand this? We do not have our 1st appt with GI for another 2 weeks and I feel like all I am doing is searching online trying to figure it all out. i am just so frustrated with not knowing why she always has to deal with some level of stomach pain. i should add that she has become very irritable and tired lately, I feel like it could have something to do with her always not feeling well. She gets mouth ulcers here and there is another big thing that I have noticed is that she is starting to get stomach aches after eating foods that contain lactose even though she take the lactaid pill prior to eating. Thank you in advance for all of your help. Denise
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