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  1. I think you may also find that it's not as difficult as you think. The hard part is learning where possible contamination sources may be but as far as feeling restricted, I don't at all. There are so many gluten free things out there that taste quite good and my guess is she wouldn't know the difference. It definitely takes a learning curve. I've just started myself. I thought it would be more difficult. It may become tougher as I test for other allergies but wheat/gluten alone isn't bad at all. Good luck. You may find getting your husband on board will be the toughest battle.
  2. Yes I am extremely gluten free at the moment and have been extremely cautious. About 5 months ago I had the same thing happen when I went on thyroid medication and started having drastic hairloss. It had leveled off for a couple months until this week. My best guess would be my body is going through some major changes and it's affecting how my body is processing the thyroid. Unfortunately any tiny change with that begins the hairloss battle again. Does anyone know the reason we get so ravenously hungry coming off of wheat? I would think it would be the exact opposite as we should be taking in my nutrients now. I've even started on a good vitamin regimen so my body shouldn't be starving. Though if we've been malnourished for so long, maybe it's a rubber band effect or a feast or famine type thing. Who knows. I'd love a good explanation though.
  3. I was diagnosed as wheat/gluten sensitive and started the diet about a week ago. I have been fighting with excessive hairloss as I have been battling thyroid levels but for the past month my hair loss had leveled out. Then last week I started on a gluten free diet and started taking quite a few vitamins. I've noticed some of the typical detox symptoms: pain in lymph nodes, ravenous hunger, acne breakouts, fatigue. But I was wondering if ANYONE has experienced increased hair loss and if so is this a temporary thing? I take my thyroid sublingually so I wouldn't think the diet would affect my thyroid absorption much but maybe it has. Any ideas?
  4. In my opinion, put your money into blood testing versus the skin tests. I had the skin tests done and everything came back negative. Then I was tested for wheat/gluten through blood and came back with severe sensitivity. I can tell I also have other allergies and I will be tested for those. My doctor said the skin tests are used more for anaphylactic shock, closing and itching of the throat type allergies such as strong peanut allergies. If you've been eating these foods, then you aren't reacting that way. Definitely go for blood I say.
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