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  1. Hello everyone, I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease 2 months ago. Still having alot of bloating, stomach spasms. IT took 10 years to get final dx. After gallbladder surgery that's what my tummy pain was to find that I didn't need the surgery due to all of my pain initially was celiac. The doctors arre awful in dx this. I am still feeling so tired. Does anyone else feel this way and how long does it take to feel "normal" again. Also I am the food. Can't find decent tasting bread. I am fatallly allergic to tree nuts and so hard to find good tasting bread and I cld so go for a Ritz cracker. And where do ppl eat out as I have 2 small kids and can't eat out ever such as McD's, etc. I just need advise and help. I am so depressed and frustrated. Thank u in advance. Shannon
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