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  1. I saw the doctor today and he said since it is mildly positive he wouldn't worry about it. He said next time I have labwork for my pregnancy to have them retest, and see if the numbers are similar.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I did not get a total IGA. I see the doctor on Tuesday so we'll see what he says, although I'm pregnant so can't do the endo at this point. Is there a reason to do the gluten free diet if the doctor doesn't think I have celiac disease and I'm not showing any problems or symptoms? I just had the test because my sister was diagnosed. Also, I was wondering about the endomysial IGA. Since there is a number there is that a positive result, or is it low enough to be considered negative? Thank you.
  3. Here's my results of the blood test: gliadin IgA -- <5 gliadin IgG -- 13.5 (normal is under 10) Reticulin IgA --<1.10 Endomysial IgA AB-- <1.10 Do I have celiac? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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