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  1. hi india my diet is identical to member mcc0523,i have been eating this way now for over 2 years now i will never go back eating the way i used to basically vegetarian,that made me so sick.as far as carbs go you don't need them at all i teach full time tennis and ride over 400klm on my road bike every week and my energy levels are always perfect.fat especially saturated fat is the perfect fuel gives you slow release energy all day.no blood sugar fluctuations at all.my energy is the same all day.i actually tried eating a meat only diet for 2 week at one stage and i felt great no constipation even though i was eating no fibre at all energy was fine on zero carbs.not sure if you could do this long term but i just wanted to try it.things i have learnt over the past 2 years are you don't need lots of fibre and carbs to be healthy and eating lots of fat has made me feel strong and healthy.there is plenty of research out there stating that low cholesterol is actually more dangerous than high cholesterol.hope this helps ask me a question if you like.
  2. Hi i have celiac disease but it took 11years to get a positive diagnosis,i should of just went on the gluten free diet back then if it does not work you have nothing to loose.also ther is a researcher in the usa doing stool testing for celiac disease or gluten sisitivity same thing really and he is picking up a third of the population with his method.his name is dr fine he is a highly respected celiac disease researcher the web site is www.enterolab.com.my sister keeps getting negative tests as she was getting really sick.but he tested her positive on his test.she has been on the diet and is doing much better.see it shows up in the stool well before it shows up in blood tests.it only shows up in the blood when you are in the late stages of the disease but buy then some things are irraversible.once on the site click on the reasearch and education link you might be iterested in what you read.anyway let me know how you go thanks.
  3. Hi i might be able to help you i have celiac disease and all of my family as well.interestingly we all got better on the diet for a while but then slowly started having more ploblems just like you stated.i will try to keep this as short as i can.i am only guessing your diet was probaly similar to ours [low fat high fibre high carb low protien]sorry if i am wrong.my family and i changed to a different way of eating and it changed everything.you see the modern celiac diet is a bit of a trap because to many high sugar high carbohydrate snacks and foods.there are strong links between celiac disease and candida ablicans because we have weekend immune systems candida are bad bateria that live in us they feed off sugar and carbo,s and mutiply to the point where the will make you sick like you are discribing similar to celiac disease itself i believe this is what they call refractive celiac disease.never happenned much years ago because the gluten free diet didnt have all the high sugar carbo meals we do now.now try and be open minded because this was hard for me at first but to kill candida you need to eat a very low carbohydrate high protien and high fat diet this starves the bateria and they slowly die off.killing candida is not a lot of fun causes strange reactions but eventually it works all of us now are so much better .basic diet meat,vegatable small amounts of fruit 2 tops because there high in natural sugars, nuts, eggs and thats it i have done this for 2 years and i feel great.this is how our ansestors ate and they had no disease.sorry it was long feel free to ask me any quetions.thanks. by the way the is a lot of good information about this diet and candida on the internet check it out buy.
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