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  1. I also had stomach discomfort off and on initially seemed to be aggravated only when I ate and at the beginning just a few things seemed to set it off. However now it seems over the last two years it been significantly worse more easily aggravated. To answer your question yes that seems pretty consistent with Celiac you are not alone with your symptoms.
  2. Thanks everyone, this was so helpful and made me feel so much better and not so alone. To the person who asked about the gallbladder they didn't say it was from celiac but that's how I found out as I researched I did see that a lot of people celiac do have gallbladder problems in fact is seems we have all sorts of problems. First they did a biopsy because they thought it was ulcers when those results came back the test showed signs of celiac than they did the bloodwork and confirmed it. Looking back this makes sense to me since I never really liked pasta or bread because they made me sick I guess for me it was more like, oh that makes sense. I guess I'm mostly tired and maybe the celiac is compounding the trying to recover from surgery but great news I had my first day where I felt like getting out the bed and didn't sleep all day. Thanks so much everyone.
  3. Hi I was just recently diagnosed with Celiac, I've had two surgeries in the last year Ulnar Nerve Replacement and just two weeks ago gallbladder not for gull stones but because it was inflamed and functioning at 13% which is actually how I found out I had Celiac's. I've been following the Gluten Free Diet now for a month and feel a little better but still a slow recovery. My question is now that I know, how do I find out what Vitamins I'm deficient in do I go back to the Gastro Doctor and than what's the follow up do I get tested again after a certain amount of time? Also now that I've caught the celiac does this mean it will eliminate the other potential issues if I stay on a strict diet? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I actually just had my gall bladder taken out four days ago and when they did all the testing that's when I found out I had Celiac's. I've read several articles about gallbladder and celiac disease bieng connected especially when there are no stones, I think the medical community believes there is a connection all though they haven't proved it yet. I didn't have stones but my gallbladder was had a ejection fraction of 13% and I was nautious everytime I ate for about four months not to mention the pain in on the right side just under my ribcage. Definately have the HIDA Scan, they didn't see anything on my Ultrasound.
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