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  1. Hiya. I've had these symptoms for ages, but I had blood tests last year to rule out celiac disease.. now i'm experiencing similar symptoms again, but worse - they all indicate celiac disease. I'll explain them: Firstly, i'm a type 1 diabetic, and know that I am more susceptable to auto-immune disease such as celiac disease, but am aware that this doesn't mean I have it. I get severe upper abdominal cramps often; headaches; feel dizzy and tired often; feel bloated sometimes without barely eaten; my appetite is usually good, but during this recent bout of (what do I call it) 'illness,' i've completly lost my appetite; I have various bowel motions from solids to bright yellow liquids (currently, they're the latter and i've had this for the past 84hours pretty much non stop unless I haven't eaten, which is what i've now taken to doing). The yellow squits happened last time about 2 hours after eating a slice of toast with butter. I think I should go to mr dr and ask for a celiac blood test. What do you think?
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