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  1. Just posted a new entry: Finding Gluten-Free Foods on my blog! :)

  2. Finding Gluten-Free Food: Hello, Here is a tip when shopping for Gluten-Free foods! If you have a local Wegmans you have to go there! All of Wegmans' own food has a key on it that easily displays if it is Gluten-Free! Most of the time it is a orange circle with a white "G" in the center. It makes shopping so easy! In addition they have a wonderful, and cheap Gluten-Free food section! Go to the natural foods section and look for the Gluten-Free foods! Check it out and let us know how it goes! Here's a link that even has some easy recipes: Wegmans Gluten-Free Happy Shopping! <3 Gluten-Free Sisters <3
  3. Check out our new blog Gluten-Free Sisters! :)

  4. Living Gluten-Free: Hello, We are the Gluten-Free Sisters! We both were diagnosed with Celiac Disease roughly a year ago. We have worked through a ton of the hardships of eating Gluten-Free, but with a cook like our Mom, and a supporter like our Dad we have gotten through it! This blog will be a place where we will list our advice and tips, along with our hardships and questions! <3 Gluten-Free Sisters <3
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