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  1. I have a child that will be 3 this June. He has had issues since he was about 6 months old with diarrhea and very slow weight gain. We did an elimination diet and as a nursing mother, I had to take gluten and milk out of my diet. Now I have never gone through the whole gluten free thing, so there may still be some hidden glutens that I am missing. He is still on the small side. He had the wasted muscles and the bloated belly at that time. There have been other little issues since all of this started and now the doctor wants to do a full celiac workup. I do not know that I am ready for this as he gets very sick when he ingests gluten. I do want to know what is going on, but I am very hesitant to reintroduce gluten. Has anyone else had a similiar experience? What did you decide to do? He recently had a seizure and I have been reading where there is concerns where gluten ingestion in gluten intolerant people may be a cause of seizures. We are desperately searching for answers, but at what cost.
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