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  1. I eat a lot of beans and lentils, and am starting to think CC might be the source of some of my relapse - my GI doctor thinks I am either super sensitive or refractory. Are there any certified gluten-free canned bean brands that are tested? Or any dried beans (black and pinto) or lentils that are certified? Every bag of beans I pick up at the supermarket says "may contain wheat". Thanks!
  2. I had the same problem you have.. what I have found works (and isn't too terrible) is Enjoy Life crunchy flax cereal. I mix in some nuts, craisins, and honey. Also I eat a lot of Trader Joe's fiberful bars.
  3. I hear you. The lack of positive results from all of our effort (i.e. still feeling ill years into a gluten-free diet) is hard to handle, and sometimes the knowledge of "big bad future problems if you eat gluten" doesn't seem like enough to keep you on track. It seems like for a lot of us the specifics are different, but the difficulty of truly feeling better AND feeling like you have a semi-normal life is universal. I have to travel a lot for my job (including living for months at a time in shared research housing), and it is so tough to not only be healthy in a shared environment, but also not feel guilty for avoiding shared meal times. The last conference I was at I got reprimanded for going back to my room to eat a safe meal instead of going out with the group - I imagine you fee like you are missing out on the social aspect of cafeteria time, and plus, why pay for a service when you can't use it!? I don't have any great answers for you, but I've found that talking with other people with life-long issues that require maintenance (not even just celiac, but other food allergies or diabetes) helps, and if you don't have a good therapist, try and find one. Friends and family are all well and good, but unless they are dealing with the same problems they don't *really* understand, and they aren't trained to help you keep your head on straight in times of stress.
  4. Oh wow, I never noticed the cause and effect before - this might help me a lot in figuring out what the sources of CC in my diet are! Gee, I get to start a mucus diary, awesome.
  5. I have recently moved and had to get a new GI doctor. My first appointment with her (back in March) left such a bad taste in my mouth, I haven't been back. She accused me of knowingly cheating on my gluten-free diet because my antibodies were up, and didn't believe me when I said I wasn't. Now, six months later, after being even more strict about my diet I've had no resolution of antibodies or symptoms. I called the office and set up an appointment, and even the receptionist asked me if I was cheating! I'm dreading talking to these people tomorrow - is it possible a newly-trained gastroenterologist (she is in her mid 20s) doesn't yet know that people with celiac have varying degrees of symptoms and sensitivities? Should I expect her to know/understand about cross contamination issues? I know the easy answer is to find a new doctor.. but the 'intake' appointments are always booked months in advance, so it's a lot easier to stick with the same person.
  6. It sounds like someone needs to do a study on this! Maybe I should change fields from ecology to celiac-studies, hah. I have been careful about non-food products (toiletries, dog's food, etc), and I live alone. I would say my (non-dairy, non vegetable) staples are: Frontera salsa Frontera, Bearitos, or Tostitos torilla chips Bearitos or Amy's refried beans Whole Food's 365 brand beans, corn, etc. Amy's rice mac and cheese (I am planning on cutting this out due to other Amy's processed food complaints) Trader Joe's gluten free pancakes (I am planning on cutting this out) Trader Joe's peanut butter Sabra hummus Trader Joe's gluten free rice snaps (I am planning on switching to glutino crackers) Trader Joe's fiberful bars Larabars Enjoy Life Flax cereal UDI's bagels and bread Tinkyada pasta Thai kitchen noodle bowls And I have tried a bunch of different pasta sauces, sticking with the more organic ones with no obvious gluten ingredients I eat a lot of nachos, hah.
  7. Thanks for all of your thoughts - although I am disappointed that there is not something not completely fresh that I don't have to worry about It does seem like cutting out Trader Joes and Amy's products are a good start, but part of me just wants to go all the way to make sure I start feeling better sooner. Thinking about going all non-processed is as stressful as going gluten-free was in the beginning for me, 4 years ago. Unfortunately, I don't like to cook, but perhaps that has to change. I have tried to be very careful with other things - I know my toiletries and shampoos are ok, and I live alone and no gluten has touched my toaster oven or strainer, although I used to live with gluteny roommates - but supposedly you can wash gluten off of most things. The Tums and Zantac I eat like candy are too! Even my dog is (mostly) gluten-free What about frozen veggies!?
  8. I am trying to figure out sources of cross contamination in products I use, and I am not sure how diligent I need to be with canned foods that don't have any gluten ingredients - for example, fire-roasted tomatoes or refried beans, or even just plain black beans! It seems like CC would be more likely with a brand that makes tons of stuff(like Trader Joe's or 365) than a more specialized brand? If you are super sensitive, what brands do you prefer?
  9. I haven't been able to find any good information on how long it takes for a positive antibody blood test to return to normal on a truly gluten free diet. My antibodies are currently at 3X the normal range, but I don't know if it's possible to go back to normal within a week, a month, half a year, etc. Are there any published works on this? Even if not, I would love to hear from anyone that has personal experience with watching their numbers drop. I am currently trying to figure out what the source of gluten cross-contamination in my diet is (my antibodies had successfully dropped to normal in 2010, but for the past 6 months have been elevated). Unfortunately there is nothing that is obviously triggering me .. I assume it is some of the processed food I am eating, like Amy's or Trader Joe's stuff, but haven't noticed any real cause and effect. In fact, I was surprised when my antibodies were still elevated at my last Dr. appointment!
  10. Hello all, I was diagnosed 5 years ago via blood test and endoscopy. I have reason to believe that my grandfather may have had undiagnosed celiac (due to symptoms), and I know it can run in families anyway. My family's (parents and younger brother) doctor refuses to have them get the blood antibody test because they are symptom free - he says that insurance won't cover it. I think my parents would be willing to food the bill if it isn't exorbitant just to get me to stop pestering them - is there anywhere they can go to request the test and pay for it on their own? They live in Michigan, by the way. Thanks for your help!
  11. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with Backpacker's Pantry non-gluten containing products. I am going to be part of a backpacking trip for work in Mexico and I have to give them a what-to-purchase list. We won't have any refrigeration so I am pretty limited in what I can bring. I know that Backpacker's Pantry has an allergen guide, but I'm worried about cross-contamination - has anyone had any luck, or been glutened by their products? Thanks! Katie
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