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  1. To make matters worse the doctor just called and said my biopsy was negative :'(. He just said it could IBS. I'm so sad. I'm so sick of being called normal when I feel so sick every day
  2. How delayed can symptoms be after eating gluten? I've just started eating gluten-free after getting an endoscopy last thursday, and today I am really sick. could this be from the gluten-bing I went on before the test? How long do your symptoms usually show up after eating Gluten?
  3. So I've been reading these boards a lot and always see things about cross contamination. How dangerous is cross contamination? What kinds of things get contaminated? Do I have to get new dishes? I'd never heard of cross contamination with gluten so I have a lot to learn. I didn't even know that CC stood for cross contamination until an hour ago
  4. Thanks for the advice! It's very comforting to hear I'm not crazy. Just went out and bought gluten free stuff! Thanks again!
  5. I had an endoscopy today, and apparently everything looked normal. (I was still groggy or something when the doctor came, but that's what my friend told me he said...) I'm still waiting on the results from the biopsies, but I'm terrified they are going to come back negative too. I've been sick for a long time (alternating nausea/cramping/feeling like my stomach is on fire). I've also had alternating constipation and diarhea, and a nasty case of vertigo a few weeks ago. I've had a constant headache for the past week, and a lot of times I see excessive after images. I'm convinced my friends think i'm just crazy because I tell them I'm sick all the time. If I get one more negative test result I might cry Do a lot of people get a normal looking endoscopy but positive biopsy results?
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