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  1. It's really hard for me right now. Im starting today trying not to eat glutenized things as much as possible. Im eating at Panera, I have freshly made yogurt (saw it made infront of me by a manager who actually used to be MY manager) with no granola and a bottled water. She said the black bean soup was gluten free too. Ummmmm let's see. Yesterday, beyond better judgement, actually HORRIBLE judgement, I had a 10 piece nugget from Mickey D's with fries. Guess what within 30 minutes I had a bad a** headache that lasted for about 5 hours and felt extremely tired. Felt like my eyes were trying to fall out. Also, had random pains all over my belly soon after but that didn't last too long. Im trying to pay attention to the "symptoms" that Im having after eating certain foods. I work at a restaurant so I think I will order a grilled chicken breast and broccoli. I think I will make the manager scrub the grill lol. What a sight!!! Haha!
  2. That's what Im thinking! As far as the vitamins, I dont know. I take a multivitamin with extra B D and C, then 1200mg of fish oil. My dermatologist insists that if I keep up with the vitamin therapy, which Ive been doing for 3 years, my hair will eventually grown on its own. It hasn't. So, I feel like it could be an absorption problem. Then with more and more research alot of random symptoms I been have over the past few years that I think could range from either a brain tumor to IBS are beginning to make more sense.
  3. Im not diagnosed or tested either but you stated alot of my "symptoms". Especially the spacyness/foggyness, headaches, stomach disturbances, fatigue, anxiety and "diabetic" symptoms. My mother is type 1 diabetic and I felt bad enough she gave me a monitor and testing strips. Needless to say my blood sugar is excellent. The info on this site is convincing me more and more that something is wrong. I also have alopecia areata that is treated with injections of Kenalog whenever I can afford them. Keep us updated!! And good luck!!!
  4. Hi! My name is Jennifer. Im 28, mother of 2 and Im married. I live in the Nashville area. Ok, my thing is, I have alopecia areata. I was diagnosed in early 2008. My dermatologist thinks that alopecia just happens and vitamins are a cure all. I love my vitamins and believe in them! But, they dont make my hair grow back, nor keep it from falling out. So, I research things all the time but I have never read about "gluten-free" although I see it everywhere. Yesterday, I was curious to know what gluten-free was, (Ive been looking about different food lifestyles and stopped eating red meat about a month and a half ago.) so, I looked it up and there were alot of articles talking about gluten and hairloss. So, I looked into it somemore and saw that some people with alopecia try eating no gluten and it helps! Their hair, slowly but surely, starts growing again. I get Kenalog shots every 1-3 months for mine. It works 99% of the time but I would love to be independent of these shots. I would like for my hair to grow on its own. Now, this is all new to me. From what I have read I need to steer clear of wheat, rye, barley and most of the time, oats. I have a few questions, I hope someone can help me out!! What else should I be cautious of? Does anyone else have alopecia areata, universalis, or totalis? Did it get better with gluten free therapy? What can I do that will make this transition easier. I believe in this and think it could be the key to my hairloss. I HAVE NOT had any tests run or had a diagnosis for wheat or gluten sensitivity and no test or diagnosis for celiac disease. I do plan to atleast have a blood test and then any other necessary test ran. Thanks alot!!! Any advice would be great. ~Jennifer
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