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  1. Possibly. It's more a matter of when and where than cost. How quick does your body stop producing antibodies, do you know? If I get tested in the next two weeks, even if I quit eating gluten, would I still have antibodies in my system? I'm clinging to passing grades by the skin of my teeth, due to a combination of factors (Depression, Irilan's syndrome, ADD) and going off gluten is suppose to help with the depression and ADD. I really need that help. I'd like to start immediately, if that's possible, but on the other hand, the gluten challenge sounds godawful. I'd rather take a bad semester than permanent damage to my intestines.
  2. So, recently I learned it's very, very likely that I have gluten intolerance, if not celiac disease. Yesterday, in fact. I'm in college, and was getting tested for learning disabilities by a developmental psychologist, who went over the common symptoms list. I had most of them (constipation/diarrhea, Keratosis Pilaris, stomach aches and intestinal pain, joint pain, lactose intolerance, headaches, etc) on top of high correlation between gluten intolerance and ADD, which I apparently have. I was advised to get off gluten posthaste, which I'm all too happy to do, since as I'm sure you know, the symptoms are god awful. That leaves me with the question: what do I eat? I've got a box of gluten free cereal and bag of gluten free bagels, and the cafeteria has some gluten free options, but that's it. I'm not sure what I can eat, and I'm a little afraid to try processed food for fear of missing gluten. I've got access to two grocery stores, but no health food stores unless I make a day of it and drive over to the next town. Please advise. I appreciate any help I can get on this.
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