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  1. Hello- I am completely new to this (I myself do not have Celiacs, but I am now CONVINCED my fiance does) and I am looking for some help His story: Has been having some chest pains since October 2010- ALL doctors diagnose it as GERD, Acid Reflux and/or gastritis. Of course, he wont do anything about it.. so he keeps eating the same but buys Gavisgon, TUMS, you name it.. if there is an antacid.. he swallows it. Nothing working. In February, it started to radiate around his ribs to his back. He was sure his back was messed so has been getting regular massages and chirpractic adjustments. The chiro work seems to alleviate the pain somewhat, but only for the next 12 hrs or so, and its still painful. These last two weeks- we have been in and out of the ER - this pain DROPS him, he hasn't slept for days on end, and only does sleep once he is so exhausted from the pain, then wakes up in more pain *I have NEVER seen him cry and he used to ride bulls, etc Ive seen him fall off decks and get up and work* He was in so much pain, .. ugh it was so hard to watch. So - all doctors in ER diagnosing as GERD/gastritis, possibly gallstones but none show up on U/Sound. He has had EKG, MRI, Ultra sounds Xrays, Barium Swallow... a scope scheduled next week. Blood work and urine = perfect they cannot figure out what is causing this debilitating pain. I am SOOOO excited right now - you have NOO Idea!!! For one week- Greg did this diet called Isagenix -its a weight loss thing somewhat like slim fast with shakes.. but its more healthy in a way.. and it was the ONLY week he felt good- he was sure that maybe this had to do with extra weight and him possibly having a hiatus hernia and that the shakes are easier to digest. I JUST LOOKED _ THE ISAGENIX IS GLUTEN FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I just feel like everything has been pointing us towards going gluten free- hearing from others, its on TV... Does this sound like going gluten free might help?! How long does it take to detox yourself from gluten and oh my gosh- I cannot believe how much stuff has gluten! So here we go- starting today we are going gluten free Any tips/adivce would be greatly appreciated! I am just beside myself with excitement.. I feel like this is it!
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