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  1. I'm a celiac and I'm also sensitive to a lot of other allergens that lurk in processed food. Ingesting gluten (by mistake, of course!) makes me vomit within about ten minutes but other food items like spices - which often contain food colouring or preservative - usually bring me out in a rash or give me diarrhoea. I've just come back from a holiday in Malaysia and I have been a little bit lax, as I wanted to be sociable, and other people can be hostile to the "I have food allergies" comments. I drank some white wine (often contains sodium metabisulphite - a killer for my gut) and I ate some local spicy specialities under persuasion. Now, a couple of days after arriving home, I have those tell-tale purple dots on my ankles and calves, which look like the vasculitis rash. Sometimes I get these spots under my instep when I know I have eaten an allergen by mistake. Some years ago I had a giant aneurysm in my brain - in my right carotid artery - but, as you can see, I did get through it. My experience tells me there must be a link between the two: celiac disease and vasculitis, in spite of the fact that doctors and specialists look at me like I'm crazy when I suggest this. I'm going to pay attention to those purple spots and keep off the allergens!
  2. Anyone tried "the torch test"? This one was explained to me by my Gastroenterologist, to help work out what I am - and am not - sensitive to, because it can be so confusing to begin with, when you've first been diagnosed as a celiac. When you "do your business" each day, shine a torch on the water and it should be crystal clear, no cloudiness, and everything in there should be firm and soft! If there's any cloudiness or grease on the surface, then you're still eating something that's poison to your body. This worked for me: I changed my diet to absolutely ONLY fresh and unprocessed food (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, brown rice - not white rice, they spray it with maize starch and some celiacs like me cannot tolerate the gluten in maize/corn - potatoes, fruit. But don't eat anything whatsoever that has a sauce or anything added to it and nothing that is fermented (like cheese, dried fruit, vinegar or alcohol). Do this until there is no cloudiness whatsoever - it took me about two weeks. Then introduce items one at a time and wait at least five days to see if there's any reaction. I got really ill from a Starbucks salad and (after writing to them) found that they include Sodium Metabisulphite in it, to keep the potatoes from going brown. This stuff, which is used to kill off tree stumps, makes me VERY ILL. This stuff is used in coleslaw, potato salads, guacamole, dried coconut, wine (especially red wine), alcohol-making equipment and on and on. I thought it was only yeast that also made me ill, as well as gluten, but this stuff is a KILLER! BEWARE!!!
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