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  1. Wonderful, thank you so much for the input everybody!
  2. Can anyone tell me if they have had confirmation that Baker's Bittersweet Baking Chocolate Squares (Kraft) is gluten free? The only concern would be the natural flavor (I think). Also -- Ghirardelli 100% Cacao unsweetened chocolate? Tried to call the customer service number but they are closed for the weekend - would really like to make a gluten-free chocolate cake for Easter! Thanks!
  3. I was diagnosed with celiac just over two weeks ago... I'm almost 26 and have been acutely sick since September 2010, although I've had serious intermitten abdominal problems since I was 14 (so bad that I was given exploratory abdominal surgery in 2006). Even after JUST the first week of gluten-free and large doses of supplements from my ARPN I felt some improvement. Finally! But... I am a bread-and-pasta-loving-girl. It is killing me on this diet. Last week after an exhausting day I came home (currently staying with my parents since I've been horribly sick since last September) and there was a waffle sitting on the kitchen table (leftovers from their dinner). I was tired, emotional, and fed up... I ate it, and went to bed feeling redeemed. But boy did I pay for it the next 3 days!!! I've learned my lesson, now that I see what even one tiny "cheat" can do to my body. But I'm looking for quick coping skills from anyone who has found them. I don't expect my family to eliminate gluten from their house for me, but when I'm hungry and the only thing gluten-free that I can eat is eggs or Chex (which get old... kind of fast) it's hard to look at the other stuff. It also hasn't helped at all that I've been so sick I lost my job, and gluten-free food "off the shelf" is a little too pricey for me at the moment. Also, I travel a lot and I'm always on the go (even though this disease has flattened me, ugh), doctor's appointments and job searching and whatnot, and I'm really bad at remembering to take fruit or something with me when I leave. Anyone find a good way to remind yourself? I'd say leave some food in the car but summer is coming up and I can't imagine food staying good to eat in the hot interior of a car sitting out in the sun. I have relatives and friends who were diagnosed with diabetes and I asked them how they dealt with the sudden diet change. They all said pretty much the same thing, that they can eat just about anything AS LONG as they are super careful about portions and whatnot. Then they said they didn't think it was as hard as giving up gluten cold turkey. Not exactly the pep talk I was looking for, haha. At least we don't have to stick ourselves every day to check our sugar levels! (if I had to do that I'd be a sunk ship) Sorry if I seem like I'm whining or being difficult. I want to do well at this, but I feel like I don't have the personal tools yet. I was getting ready to move in with my boyfriend when I got sick, and now it is being put off until I am feeling much better (unfortunately it was going on for so long I have permanent damage, but my ARPN says I will still heal tremendously). He's wonderful about it, totally supportive and proactive about buying gluten-free foods he knows I like to have them on hand at his place, but he lives in NY (and I'm in NH) so we are only together on weekends! During the week it seems is where I am fighitng my battles with myself. Kudos to everyone who is managing this already... 2 weeks feels like an eternity. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed when I think about the rest of my life looming in front of me without my favorite foods. I know it's for the best, and I know I will continue to feel so much better as long as I am good about it. My mom says I'm just mourning the loss of my favorite foods... at first I thought that was silly but the more I thought about it the more it made sense to me.
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