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  1. Really great info everybody! Test is tomorrow morning, I'll let you know how it all turns out. I "studied" for the test tonight with my favorite beer, macaroni and cheese and Oreo cookie ice cream. Tomorrow it's back to meat and veggies and I couldn't be happier.
  2. Thanks all for your feedback. I emailed the doc and told him I didn't want to get tested so he moved up the test again to Thursday. I can stand another day, and will get the test just to satisfy his curiosity. But can't wait to get this poison out of my system! I have decided that I won't do any follow up testing though, regardless of the result. One thing I'm curious about though is the "strictness" of the diet of a celiac vs someone who is gluten intolerant. So if I am celiac do I have to make sure that everything is completely gluten-free even if small amounts don't make me sick? Same question if I am not celiac but gluten intolerant? Bread makes me sick, but but gravy doesn't.... Does gluten intolerance cause permanent damage the way celiac does? You people rock! I love reading these forums and learning everybody's stories and experiences.
  3. Hi all, I've been lurking for a couple of weeks now, ever since my doc said the word celiac. I was diagnosed with MS about two and a half yrs ago and Hashimotos about a year ago. Only couple of yrs in I am already on the "last resort" MS medications so I spent some time last summer searching out non-drugs alternatives. One thing I found was restricted diets. So I cut out everything. I was basically eating broccoli for a month. I was able to add back a bunch of stuff without issue - dairy, fruits, nightshades, meat, even oats but not gluten or corn. So I just totally avoided those things. Fast forward six months, I went to see my GP and mentioned the food intolerances. He says he wants to test me for celiac, but in order to do that I have to eat gluten for the next few weeks. I dance home imagining all the cake, pizza, bagels and beer I will be eating over the month and actually map it out so I don't miss anything - after all, regardless of what the test says I'm done with gluten for life. I am two weeks in and dreading every bite. I am experiencing lots of problems consistent with celiac/gluten intolerance and at this point, I'm wondering, is it worth getting the test at all? I emailed the doc and he said he'd move up the test a week, but I'm not entirely sure I'll make it, I am miserable. Is there any benefit to getting a diagnosis one way or the other? I am really glad you all are here. You seem like an awesome group of people and I look forward to your feedback! Thanks, Kate
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