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    Dancing, live music, kids
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    Austin, TX

About Me

diagnosed with IBS at age 17 in 1996

diagnosed with depression at age 17. Got back on medication after divorce 2 years ago. This is possibly a misdiagnosis and may be related to food allergies/intolerances. Unsure about this.

diagnosed with diverticulitis/diverticulosis at age 23 in 2002

Lactose intolerant fall 2009

Both of my children have had an egg allergy since birth, daughter also has wheat allergy since 6 months old but not Celiac or gluten.

April 5, 2011-endoscopy to look for ulcer, bacteria and take biopsy's to test for Celiac disease. Endo showed hiatal hernia, gastritis and mild duodenitis. Waiting on rest of test results for Celiac or anything else.

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