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  1. What I know is that one day you can not be allergic to something and the next day you can so I think that it could change within a month. I had my first endoscopy yesterday. I left there with the diagnosis of hiatal hernia, gastritis and mild duodenitis. I knew I would forget what the nurse told me so i remembered I kept asking her to repeat the hernia informaiton. He went in to look for an ulcer, bacteria and take 3 biopsy's of the small bowel to test for Celiac. I won't know for 2 weeks any other results. From reading forums tonight all of these symptoms seem to be related. I'm at a loss. I've gained weight, my stoamch won't go unbloated and I'm always nauseated. I cannot remember the question I was going to ask you now..... i'm hoping I don't have to go in for a second endo. My allergist thought Celiac from my symptoms so she sent me to a gastroenterologist. I thought I was just going in for food allergy testing. I cut wheat out of my diet, accidently had it one night and got sick. That happened again for another week. I thought for sure I was going to have Celiac. Then I read that I wasn't supposed to go gluten free with the diagnosis because it could mess up the test results so I added it back in and it hasn't been bad now. I don't know what's going on with me! I hope your 2nd endo doesn't come back worse.
  2. I was sent to this forum after a google search about mild duodenitis. I had an endoscopy done 2 days ago and my discharge paperwork said I had hiatial hernia, gastritis and duodenitis. I went in for biopsy's on my stomach and intestine to look for an ulcer and check for celiac disease along with bacteria I may have. I was reading JasonD2's posts and it seems we have a few similiar problems. I have not been taking any of the supplements that were montioned here but I was told a year and a half ago I had lactose intolerence and I've been having problems with bloating, nausea, and a huge protruding stomach. I was diagnosed at 17 with IBS and at 23 with diverticulosis. I've also been diagnosed with depression. It seems like these "misdiagnosis'" come with a gluten/celiac intolerence. I was just wondering anyone's thoughts on this. I have been tested but won't get results for 2 weeks. I cut wheat and gluten out for a wwek, accidently had some and got sick. That happened twice. Then I read that it was important to not stop eating gluten before you are diagnosed because it can mees up the test results. I added it back in and didn't have as many problems. From what I read, if I did have Celiac I would be losing weight and I have been gaining and my stomach inflammation is not going away. Any thoughts???
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